Abita Octoberfest & Pecan Harvest

With the first day of Fall only a week away, there’s no better time than now to get stocked up on all your favorite seasonal brews. While you may think we’ve revealed everything in our bag of tricks, think again! The fall madness continues this week with two seasonal releases fresh from the Big Easy: Abita’s famous Pecan Harvest Ale and their new Octoberfest! Both equally sessionable and extremely food friendly, these tasty brews are perfect for the season of cooler temps and Oktoberfest parties that lie ahead. Grab yourself some Abita today!

Enjoy some delicious Abita brews at the upcoming Oktoberfest celebration at Southside Grille in Bound Brook on October 16th!



This full bodied malty lager has a copper color and is hopped and dry hopped with German Hallertau hops giving it a pleasant, spicy hop aroma that’s just right for the season. 5.4%abv
Available now in 6-packs and 1/4 kegs!


Pecan Harvest Ale
A taste of the sweet south brought to you in fermented liquid form! Brewed with locally harvested and perfectly toasted Louisiana pecans, this medium-bodied amber brown ale is great with light appetizers, nutty cheeses, grilled meats and nut-encrusted fish! 5% abv
Available now in 6-packs and 1/4 kegs! 

Other Abita beers in-stock NOW:

Purple Haze
This American lager gets its “haze” from the addition of fresh raspberry puree after filtration. Fruity and slightly tart and by far the best selling Abita here in NJ! 4.2% abv
Available in 6-packs and 1/2 kegs

A Munich-style Amber Lager with a smooth, malty character. Very sessionable and food friendly! 4.5% abv
Available in 6-packs

Turbo Dog
A dark brown ale brewed with pale, caramel, and chocolate malts and Willamette hops. Rich body with a sweet chocolate, toffee-like flavor. 5.6% abv
Available in 6-packs

Jockamo IPA
An American IPA hopped and dry-hopped with Williamette and Columbus hops. Terrific with spicy New Orleans cuisine! 6.5% abv
Available in 6-packs

Root Beer
Made with spring water, herbs, vanilla and yucca and sweetened with pure Louisiana cane sugar. Caffeine free and non-alcoholic!
Available in 6-packs

Abita Light
If you’re looking for a good “all malt” craft light beer, look no further than Abita Light! Crisp and refreshing with a mild hop character. 4.0% abv
Available in 6-packs

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