Ballast Point Pumpkin Down & Dead Ringer

Oh Ballast Point, you never cease to amaze us with your fine crafted beers… thank you! This week you can get your fill of the Fall favorites from this San Diego brewery with Pumpkin Down and the award-winning Dead Ringer. Speaking of awards, Ballast Point Brewery has recently been awarded 15 medals between 3 State Fairs in CA? The California State Fair, the Los Angeles County Fair, and the San Diego County Fair. “These honors reflect our mission to continue the experimentation and exploration of new flavors while seeking to maintain the high quality that has led us to this point.” Jack White, Ballast Point Founder. You can view the full list of awards HERE.


Piper DownA pumpkin ale the bucks the trend. Some might think we’re out of our gourd for making a pumpkin ale, but our Pumpkin Down is not like the others. The caramel and toffee maltiness of our Piper Down Scottish ale is the perfect backdrop for a boatload of roasted pumpkin. Just before bottling, we add a subtle amount of spice to complement, but not overwhelm, the earthy flavor. It was a smash at the brewery, and we think you’ll agree.





Dead Ringer OktoberfestA fresh take on a traditional festival beer.
Our Dead Ringer Oktoberfest lager is inspired by old-style Märzen brews customarily enjoyed during Bavaria’s world-famous beer festival. Thanks to an abundance of toasted malt and a lower hop bitterness, this dark reddish brown lager is loaded with sweet, caramel toffee flavors and aromas. All the taste and celebration of Oktoberfest packed into one bottle; no lederhosen required. 6% ABV


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Other Ballast Point Beer & Spirits Now In Stock!

Sculpin IPA A trophy beer that’s a testament to our homebrew roots.
Our Sculpin IPA is a great example of what got us into brewing in the first place. After years of experimenting, we knew hopping an ale at five separate stages would produce something special. The result ended up being this gold-medal winning IPA, whose inspired use of hops creates hints of apricot, peach, mango and lemon flavors, but still packs a bit of a sting, just like a Sculpin fish. 7% ABV



Even Keel A flavorful ale that keeps you balanced. Our Even Keel is a hoppy ale designed for smooth sailing. A full-flavored beer with a silky malt backbone and a bright hop profile of herbs and citrus, it packs all the taste of an IPA in a sessionable alcohol content. This ale is perfect for leisurely days on the water, when all you want are a few beers and a level ride. 3.8%ABV





Grapefruit Sculpin Our award-winning IPA, with a citrus twist.
Our Grapefruit Sculpin is the latest take on our signature IPA. Some may say there are few ways to improve Sculpin’s unique flavor, but the tart freshness of grapefruit perfectly complements our IPA’s citrusy hop character. Grapefruit’s a winter fruit, but this easy-drinking ale tastes like summer. 7%ABV





Big Eye
The beer that helped put San Diego IPA’s on the map. Our Big Eye IPA is a big hoppy brew, thanks to the abundance of American Columbus and Centennial varieties we use to flavor and dry hop. While the English originally added extra hops to preserve their beers for sea travel, we do it for the love of all that bold, intense flavor that makes India Pale Ale one of our favorite styles. 7%ABV





Sextant Collection A variety of Wahoo White, Pale Ale and Sculpin IPA.

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