It’s a great morning to be a craft beer lover in NJ! This week we are distributing an old favorite of ours… Bear Repbuplic Racer 5 IPA. Back from a long hiatus, Racer 5 is fresh, hoppy, and better than ever! Bear Republic has been making some big changes to their brewing process to combat the drought stressed region in they are located in. Did you know that it usually takes up to 7 gallons of water to make 1 gallon of beer? Bear Republic has modified their process to us only 3.5 gallons of water to make 1 gallon of beer. That’s pretty amazing! They are installing “the world’s first bioelectrically enhanced wastewater pretreatment plant (EcoVolt), built by Cambrian Innovation. This scalable system will create high quality methane and provide 25 percent of our hot water heating and close to 50 percent of our electrical needs. Furthermore, the system will enable us to re-use up to 25% of the water for cleaning and wash down.”-


In addition to the energy captured and created by the EcoVolt wastewater system, Bear Republic has installe the first American Pride solar array. It’s a 30.2kW made from all US-manufactured equipment including racking, micro inverters and west-coast made solar panels. “An additional 136.6kW solar array is in the works and will pave the way to becoming carbon neutral.” See Bear Republic’s energy production in real time here.

We brought in the recently added Pace Car Racer to NJ, and we have the uber hopped Mach 10 available for all of you West Coast hop lovers. We couldn’t be more excited to have this great California brewery back on the shelves in NJ. So, drink up and send us and Bear Republic some love on IG & FB with pics of your fave BR brew!! @Hunterdonbrew @Bearrepublic


Want to see more? Take a virtual tour of the Bear Republic brewery HERE!


Here’s the starting line up for Bear Republic in New Jersey…


Racer 5 1/2, 1/6 kegs and 6 packs
This hoppy IPA is a full bodied beer brewed with malted barley, wheat, and crystal malts. The malt base is designed to highlight the unique floral qualities Columbus and Cascade hops from the Pacific Northwest. Racer 5 is one of America’s most medal winning IPAs. There’s a trophy in every glass. 7.5%ABV





Mach 10 1/6 kegs and 22oz
Pass through the event horizon with this IPA2. American Cascades meld a citrus blast with spicy English First Golds. Savor an intense hoppiness, smooth bitterness and subtle malt character. Prepare to go hypersonic! 9.2%ABV






Pace Car Racer 1/6 kegs and 6 packs
Hoppy aromas of pine and citrus, with a smooth malt flavor that empties your glass at a speedy pace. This session IPA is the newest addition to the Racer™ family. 4%ABV






Grand Am 1/6 kegs and 6 packs

Inspired by our team’s passion for racing, Grand-Am™ is an American Pale Ale worthy of the “Racer” family. True to our roots, this sessionable yet assertive ale balances both classic and new American hop varieties with a distinct malt backbone. Start your engines… 6%ABV




Hop Shovel 1/6 kegs- Draft Only
This pale and hoppy IPA was brewed with a high proportion of wheat and rye for a smooth, well rounded flavor and mouth feel. New hop varieties Mosaic and Meridain provide a uniquely American and modern hop flavor and aroma. 7.5%ABV



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