Beyond the Mash — 08 November 2016

We have a great selection of specialty items that are perfect for the Holiday season. Whether it’s a gift for yourself or someone else, these items are sure to please.


Now available: Black Dirt Distillery
BLACK DIRT takes its name from the dark, fertile soil left by an ancient glacial lake that once covered Thousands of acres of upstate New York. Perfectly suited for growing crops such as corn, this Black Dirt has never been used for Bourbon production – until now. We’ll be carrying Single Barrel Bourbon, Bourbon, Single Barrel Applejack, Applejack, and Warwick Gin.

Batch #8
Released 2/15/16
Aged a minimum of 3 years in new charred American Oak
Char level 3
Distilled from:
80% Black Dirt grown corn
12% Malted Barley
8% Rye




B-A-N-A-N-A-S: Crafted Artisan Bananas Foster Forever
It is said that once, long before the Birds and the Bees, there was the
Banana and the Bee. The rowdy Banana came from the wrong side of the tracks, so it was instantly a scandalous relationship. Things were hot for a while, practically a flambé. Their love didn’t last long, though, as it was steeped in good times and a heavy dose of a certain Caribbean libation. After the flames settled settled they decided it would be best to stay BFF’s. A honey and banana wine with spices! 6% ABV




Boston Beer Bourbon: Berkshire Two Lanterns (distilled Sam Adams Boston Lager)
Berkshire Mountain Distillers crafted this one-of-a-kind premium whiskey by triple distilling Samuel Adams flagship Boston Lager at BMD’s distillery in Great Barrington, MA, followed by years of barrel aging in vintage bourbon barrels. While BMD is well known for aging spirits in used craft beer barrels, Two Lanterns is the first whiskey distilled with Samuel Adams’ Boston Lager. It took nearly 25,000 gallons of Boston Lager to produce the 1000 gallons of Two Lanterns available for purchase, so this whiskey is a truly unique and rare find!



Monday, November 7th and November 14th are Founders #Freshest15 Day! We’ve received extra fresh All Day IPA from Founders Brewing Co and we’re sending them straight to your favorite stores! Look for the big can and a huge stack of 15 packs! Pick one up today!





Super Seasonal: N’Ice CHOUFFE
It’s a strong, brown beer that will warm you in the depths of winter. Spicy (thyme and curaçao) with a tinge of hops, this is a very balanced beer. N’Ice CHOUFFE is an unfiltered beer which is refermented in the bottle and in barrels. Hints of cinnamon, black pepper, and vanilla this beer pairs well with Fromage de Herve, Roquefort, and Gorgonzola cheeses.






Chimay Holiday Sampler
The perfect present for the Belgian beer lover in your life. An 11.2oz bottle of Cinq Cents, Grande Reserve, Premier, and Dorée along with an 11.2oz Chimay chalice. All wrapped up in a beautiful box. You can’t go wrong with this one!






COMING SOON: Downeast Cider Winter Blend
Winter Blend pairs well with deep sofas, warm blankets, and a crackling fire.Our winter offering starts with fresh apple cider. It is fermented with our ale yeast and aged on toasted oak chips, cinnamon bark, and nutmeg. Not overwhelming on the spice, Winter Blend finishes clean – with enough kick for a cold winter night. Available on draft and in 6 packs. You can also try the Winter Blend in the Downeast sampler 9 packs with Original and cranberry. 6.5%ABV Keep your eyes peeled this month for this tasty beverage to hit the shelves!




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