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The fall is coming and what better beers to welcome it with than those from Breckenridge Brewery. This week we have the distinctly hoppy Regal Pilsner, the crisp and refreshing Autumn Ale and the brand new, soon-to-be-favorite Buddha’s Hand Wheat beer hitting the shelves in NJ. Buddha’s Hand can only be found in the new Rocky Mountain Sampler pack so when you see them, don’t miss out!

Breckenridge brews some tasty one-offs and pilot batches that can’t always be sent to their fans across the country, so they began the Mountain Series. It allows them to share some of these unique beers with everyone! The first in the series is Buddha’s Hand- a 6% ABV Belgian Witbier. A Buddha’s Hand is an ancient tropical citron fruit that is segmented into finger-like sections, resembling the hand of Buddha. These fruits were used in the brewing process and the result was a crisp, refreshing, hazy golden beer with a hint of citrus zest. It’s a perfect brew to carry us through the rest of the summer and transition into the fall. Pair it up with the other offerings in the Rocky Mountain sampler pack and you’ve got yourself a perfect mix for your next gathering. There’s something for everyone!

Check out the pics of the new Farmhouse brewery HERE The tasting room and restaurant will be open in March and the brewery will be fully operational in May!

A few of our sales reps has the privilege of visiting Breckenridge Brewery last month! They had a blast with the Brek team and even got to go on a rafting adventure. Check out some of the pics on our Pics & Clips page.


All NEW Rocky Mountain Sampler This box of fresh brews from Colorado includes Buddha’s Hand, Lucky U IPA, Avalanche Amber Ale and the always delicious Vanilla Porter.


Regal Pilsner
All hail our Brewmaster and the fruits of his labor, Regal Pilsner.
A double Pilsner with distinct hoppy attributes and a pronounced malty backbone. It is strong in character and steadfast in its resolve to provide maximum drinking pleasure. 7.7%ABV


Autumn Ale
Time to dust off your Lederhosen.
This Fall seasonal combines the malty goodness of a German lager with the clean crispness of an American ale. Brewed with Munich malts and a delicate blend of Bavarian hops, it’s a full-bodied treat with a nutty-sweet middle, a warming alcohol level and notes of toasted grains. A pre-winter winner.6.7%ABV

Also in stock from Breckenridge:

Next is the summertime version with 4 styles of cans – Lucky U IPA, Avalanche Amber, Summerbright and Agave Wheat. A perfect combination of brews in a perfect 12 pack ready to go with you! So grab a case for the next BBQ and enjoy a little extra sunshine!


Vanilla Porter
Brewed with real Vanilla beans from Papua New Guinea and Madagascar. Rich, roasty and chocolatey! 4.7% abv
Now available in 6-packs, 1/2 and 1/6 kegs


Agave Wheat
Nectar of the beer gods.Agave complements the refreshingly light quality of our wheat and adds a subtle note of flavor that expands this beer’s uplifting taste profile. It is familiar, yet creative. 4.2% abv
Now available in 1/2 kegs and 6 packs


471 IPA
Hoppy? Brother, 471 IPA redefines hoppy. 471 is a double IPA, that combines Pale, Munich, Caramel-30, Carapils and Torrified Wheat malts, with Chinook, Centennial, Simcoe and Fuggles hops. It has a big sweet mouthfeel, followed by more hoppiness than you’ve ever had at one time. 6.2% abv
Now available in 1/6 kegs and 4 packs
Keep an eye out from more of the Mountain Series varieties coming soon, but until then, enjoy some of these great VIDEOS from Breckenridge Brewery!


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