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Looking for some new local brews to enjoy? Then you’ll be excited to hear that this week marks the debut of Bronx Brewery in the Garden State! Our launch includes their Bronx Pale Ale in 4-pack cans and on draft as well as their Rye Pale Ale (draft only) with additional offerings lined up for the months ahead!

Located in the Port Morris neighborhood of the South Bronx, Bronx Brewery was founded in 2011 by a group of passionate craft beer geeks with a goal of bringing brewing back to the boroughs. Their main focus is to explore the realms of the classic pale ale, producing a variety of recipes from American to Belgian and Black to Rye, as well as experimenting with gin, zinfandel and bourbon barrel-aged versions. Their flagship Bronx Pale Ale has won several awards already including a silver medal at the 2012 New York International Beer Competition! They are currently producing approximately 5,000 barrels per year with distribution in New York and Connecticut…and now New Jersey!! Be sure to pick up some Bronx Pale Ale this week and be on the lookout for more of their fresh local brews in the months ahead!!


Bronx Pale Ale
This deep amber American pale ale is brewed with 5 different barley malts, generous additions of Cascade and Centennial hops and a unique strain of yeast. The British, German and American malts used provide an incredibly complex blend of caramel, biscuit and nutty malt flavors. The kettle and dry hops provide a gentle, pleasant bitterness with an intense floral and citrus aroma.
6.3% abv / 50 IBUs
Grains: Maris Otter, Caramunich I, Crystal 70/80, Vienna, Victory, Aromatic
Hops: Centennial, Cascade
– Silver medal, 2012 New York International Beer Competition
– Bronze medal, 2012 Denver International Beer Competition
– Bronze medal, 2012 Beverage World BevStar Awards
– Best Beer award, 2012 InterBev Awards
Now Available in 4-pack CANS, 1/2 and 1/6 kegs

Bronx Rye Pale Ale
Malted and flaked rye make up nearly a quarter of the grain bill for this Rye Pale Ale, offering it a unique and intense spicy rye flavor and golden-orange hue. Chinook and Crystal hops lend a gentle bitterness and spicy, piney and herbal character and aroma to this rich, bold rye beer.
6.3% abv / 58 IBUs
Grains: Maris Otter/Tipple, Caramunich I, Malted Rye, Flaked Rye
Hops: Chinook, Crystal
Now Available in 1/2 kegs



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