Got a question for us? Chances are somebody else has asked that very same one. Take a look here to see if we’ve answered it for ya:


Can you ship out of state?
Nope, sorry, but some of our retailers can.

Can’t I just come by your warehouse and purchase some beer?
Nope again, sorry. By law we can only sell to New Jersey liquor licenses.

I have a license, but in another state (or country). How can I order the beer?
Visit the brewery’s website and see what they have to say about distribution or export to your area. We handle New Jersey and New Jersey only.

There’s a NJ store/bar/restaurant/club in my neighborhood that doesn’t carry your beer, but I’d like to see them start. How can I help?
Contact us through our web form and let us know where they are. Also, please feel free to give them our info. We can sell to anyone in NJ with a liquor license, so they have no excuses for not carrying our products, especially if their customers are looking for it!

I am a store/bar/restaurant/club in NJ looking to start carrying your products. How can I get the ball rolling?
Please contact our Customer Service department through e-mail or Phone: 908-454-7445 ext. 200 with your information, and have you liquor license handy. The process is quick and painless.


The brewery says a certain beer is available, but I can’t find it yet in NJ. What gives?
If it’s not a brewery-only release and is coming to NJ, then it will be out soon. Keep an eye on our website, Twitter and Facebook accounts for up-to date information. It’s probably on a truck from the brewery to NJ, or on a truck from our warehouse to a store near you.


Do you distribute anything other than beer?
Absolutely! We have a fantastic portfolio of small batch spirits and well as artisanal meads, ciders, wine and sake. Check out the ‘Our Portfolio’ section of our website to learn more!