Drinks and Drams — 08 January 2018

Copper Fox Distillery has been working on perfecting the art of distilling since the early 2000s. Whisky enthusiasts have seen their Single Malt and Rye Whisky on the shelves since 2004, each bottle evolving as they’ve mastered the one-of-a-kind method of flavoring the malts with smoked fruit woods. Hundreds of batches later, they’ve truly defined themselves as a pioneer in the craft whisky world.

A recent article in Coastal Virginia Magazine, titled “Rick Wasmund Reinvents Spirits at Copper Fox Distillery,” walks us through the story of how Wasmund brought Copper Fox to life, and his journey to becoming known as “the Doc Brown of Distilling.”

The man who is reinventing whiskey talks about his eureka moment. “It was such a good idea, but no one else was doing it,” says Rick Wasmund, standing with a rake in the middle of a huge row of barley in the new Williamsburg location of his distillery, Copper Fox. “It’s still a little hard to believe.”Coastal Virginia Magazine
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Copper Fox continues to impress with a brand new addition to their portfolio: Peachwood Single Malt Whisky. It’s the latest of their many innovations in the distilling department and redefines the meaning of craft whisky in a way nobody has before. Smoked with hand-cut peachwood and aged in used bourbon barrels, Peachwood Single Malt is authentic, original, and rich with flavor. Pair it with your favorite farm-to-table dining dish and savor every sip!

Available in 750mL bottles. Get yours now!



Light auburn in color, complex aromas of ripe stone fruit, cinnamon
pastry, and campfi re smoke, with a syrupy, yet slightly drying body that
is sweet and earthy at the same time. Flavors of marzipan, clove, orange
zest, and underneath it all a subtle salinity and smokiness that gives way
to a medium-long fi nish with notes of dried fruit, honey, and toasted oak.
Recommended for sipping but unique cocktail possibilities abound.


We combine the best of the grand tradition with creative and unique
innovations for aging and fl avoring the grain, which results in a unique flavor experience. Made of 100% hand malted, Virginia barley, which we smoke with hand-cut peachwood. Our “in house”malting allows us to develop and maintain a connection to the grain throughout the entire production process. Pot stilled to between 150 and 160 proof and aged with a progressive series of hand toasted, select seasoned, new and used peachwood and oak chips, inside used bourbon barrels and finished in a second used barrel. The spirit is non-chill fiLtered to preserve the complete flavor and essence of the barley grain and is bottled at 96 proof. We produce a decidedly young, rich, flavorful whisky that holds its own against older, more traditional whiskies.


A unique product for:

Consumers familiar with bourbon looking for bigger flavors and those
familiar with more traditional whiskies looking for unique fl avors from
authentic sources.

Off Premise whisky and wine shops featuring curated selection of spirits;
large selections of both Scottish single malts and American craft whiskies.

On Premise craft cocktails, “farm to table” dining, barbeque and meat
driven menus and cheese and charcuterie offerings in whiskey bars.


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