Dogfish Head Aprihop

The air is crisp and cold, but Dogfish Head’s famous spring release, APRIHOP, is back on the scene and ready to help put you in a “Springtime” mood!

This is definitely not your average fruit beer, it is a fruit beer for hop heads! This brew as more of an IPA with a side dish of apricots. Heavily hopped in your typical “off-centered” fashion, Aprihop is then dry-hopped with Amarillo for an extra boost of hoppy goodness on both the nose and palate. The addition of fresh, luscious apricots lends just the right amount of sweetness to harmonize with the citrus and bitterness provided by the hops, hops and more hops! This is the ideal spring beverage for any bitter brew lover. One sip and you’ll forget all about that cold air outside your door! The brewery has also teamed up with artist Rich Kelly to create a new design for the bottle. Here’s some more information on the evolution of the new Aprihop look.
7% abv / 50 IBUs. Available in 4-packs, 1/2 and 1/6 kegs

Beer Advocate: 90 points from The Bros
Ratebeer: 93 points

Food Pairing Ideas
Try pairing Aprihop with similar foods that you would normally pair with an IPA. The combination of bitter hops and sweet apricots would make a great match with sinfully sweet desserts like carrot cake or glazed fruit tarts, or with spicy barbeque, Indian or Mexican cuisine or grilled meats and fish. BON APPETIT!

Upcoming Dogfish Head Events!

Thursday, February 26 – Dogfish Head Night at Texas Arizona – Hoboken
Don’t miss Randall the Enamel Animal and a 75 Minute Firkin, and 120 Minute on draft at this event!
Thursday, March 12 – Dogfish Head Brewery Night at Vesta – East Rutherford
a 2013 120 minute, Olde School and more coming up at Vesta!
Thursday, March 26 – Dogfish Head Off-Centered Ales at Chickie’s and Pete’s – Bordentown
Black & Blue, Aprihop and more surprises! Be there!


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