Drinks and Drams — 25 October 2017

Filled with flavor. Craft with character.

Say hello to Infuse Spirits, the latest addition to our expanding craft spirits portfolio! Not only is every style abundant with flavor, this award-winning brand is unique, innovative, and highly appealing. Not to mention, the visible infusion of real fruit and spices in every bottle makes it really stand out on the shelf!

Crafted in Santa Monica, Infuse Spirits has made it to the East Coast and we are so excited to introduce it to NJ.

“Introducing the world’s first line of single bottle infusions. It is easy to get lost in the liquor aisle. That’s why we launched our company with vodkas that have real fruit and spices. We don’t just tell you it’s infused, we show you in every bottle. In fact, we are the only single-bottle infusion company that sticks to this philosophy: natural, real ingredients. No added sugars, dyes, or artificial ingredients.”

With a variety of flavors, the opportunities are endless to create cocktails appropriate for any season.

Stay tuned for Holiday cocktail recipes!


Broken Barrel Bourbon features a unique blend of Corn, Rye, and Barely, perfectly balanced for a smoother spirit to infuse. We taste the Kentucky-distilled bourbon after 6 months to ensure its quality and flavor, and then move the bourbon into steel tanks. Batch 002 will incorporate new French Oak staves, new American Oak staves, and a blend of new Sherry cask as well as the original Sherry cask used in Batch 001 – we call this our “Mother Sherry”. Rich, complex, layered and beautiful, our bourbon goes where others won’t. We wouldn’t have it any other way.


This gold-medal winning infusion at the New York International Spirits Competition is something to be marveled. The twists and turns of the thinly cut peel make for a perfect artistic visual in the seemingly flawless craft vodka.

Thin ribbons of lemon peel visible inside the bottle speak to this brand’s natural-infusion ethos. The vodka has a pale yellow hue and bright candied-lemon peel scent. The liquid feels silky and viscous on the tongue, and evokes waxy lemon peel flavors. Well-chilled, this is a bracing martini option.


A wave of fresh peaches caress your nostrils from the moment you uncork the bottle. No fake peach flavoring here: instead you’ll find a familiar, pleasantly sweet, true-peach scent.

Perhaps because the vodka is made from a corn base, the bright tawny liquid is reminiscent of peach-flavored Bourbon: it has a boozy presence, and a long finish that hints at vanilla and bruised peaches.


“Double Gold & Best-In-Show ‘Flavored’ Vodka 2014” – San Francisco World Spirits Comp

“A whiskey-brown spirit with numerous apple slices floating at the top of the bottle. The nose is pure apple, with touches of cinnamon, just like grandma used to bake. Smooth as silk on the body — the vodka is really only evident on the finish, as the sweet, dessert-like character of the product takes center stage… a fun change of pace to be sure.” ‘A’ Rated Vodka.” – Christopher Null, Drinkhacker.com


Perfectly paired with a Bloody Mary, there is serious spiciness and flavor created by our mango habanero infusion, not to be mistaken for other pepper or chipotle vodkas. Strong orange-gold color, with aromas of fresh mangos and subtle peppers and spiced hazelnut. Hot and sweet medium body and interesting hint of papaya and mango amongst the various pepper jelly notes. One of a kind.


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