Eden Ice Cider Company

We are excited to announce our newest member to our specialty portfolio, Eden Ice Cider Company! Based in West Charleston, Vermont, this unique cider company crafts amazing Ice Ciders, Aperitif ciders, and Sparkling Hard Cider. From the appetizing Orleans Aperitifs to the delicately complex dessert Ice Ciders, these fine beverages will awaken your senses with new flavors that will enhance your perception of cider. Eden makes good use of the over 35 varieties of naturally organic apples they grow in their orchard and also utilizes the regions great market for special varieties.



Now Available in New Jersey



Heirloom Blend Ice Cider
This is the flagship product, now in its 7th vintage. In addition to Macintosh and Empire, Russets provide full-bodied sweetness, Calville Blanc and Esopus Spitzenburg provide acidity and citrus notes for balance, and Ashmead’s Kernel provides natural tannins for structure. Serve it with artisanal cheeses, game or dessert. Alcohol by Volume: 10%, Residual Sugar: 15%, Total Acidity: 1.6%






Orleans Herbal Aperitif Cider
A refreshing, aromatic aperitif, this has delicate apple flavor and white floral, honey, and anise notes. Serve chilled as-is, over ice with a twist of lime, or use it in cocktails. Alcohol by Volume: 15.5%, Residual Sugar: 1.0%, Total Acidity: 0.9%







Orleans Bitter Aperitif Cider
This is dry and aromatic, with complex fruit and earthy herbal notes from dandelion, angelica and gentian. It is perfect for making classic cocktails such as Negronis, Manhattans and Americanos. It may also be used as an aperitif over ice by itself or with sparkling water. Alcohol by Volume: 16.0%, Residual Sugar: 3.0%, Total Acidity: 0.9%





About Ice Cider
Originally developed in Quebec, Canada over the past 10 years, this is a sweet, sophisticated dessert wine made from apples and concentrated by natural winter cold. Unlike ice wine, which freezes grapes before harvesting the juice, ice cider presses apples and then stores it outdoors in the winter cold, letting it naturally freeze. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

  • Apples are harvested from their trees at peak ripeness and kept in cold storage until the onset of consistently cold winter temperatures
  • Apples are pressed, and the juice is set outdoors to freeze for 6 – 8 weeks
  • The freezing and melting-off process results in a residual concentrate that is naturally high in sugar and flavor (typically 32 – 40 brix)
  • The concentrate is fermented at 50 – 55 F degrees over several weeks or months
  • The fermentation process is terminated and the final product is cold stabilized, filtered and bottled
  • The resulting product is typically 8 – 11% alcohol by volume, with 12 – 15% residual sugar


About Eden
Eden Orchards and Eden Ice Cider began on a trip to Montreal in 2006 when we first tasted ice cider and wondered why nobody was making it on our side of the border. We had dreamed for years of working together on a farm in the Northeast Kingdom; it was a dream that had vauge outlines including an apple orchard, cider and fermentation of some sort. That night we looked at each other and knew ice cider was it.

In April 2007, we bought an abandoned dairy farm in West Charleston, Vermont and got to work. Since then we have planted over 1,000 apple trees, created 7 vintages of Eden Vermont Ice Ciders, and have introduced a new line of Orleans Aperitif Ciders.

Our goals are to create healthy soils and trees in our own orchard, to support our Vermont apple orchard partners who do the same, to minimize our carbon footprint, to contribute to the economic and environmental health of our employees and our Northeast Kingdom community, and most of all to make world-class unique ciders that truly reflect our Vermont terroir.

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