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Don’t be sad that summer is almost over….Oktoberfest season is just around the corner and we have a delicious assortment of lip-smacking malty brews lined up for you! Hitting the streets this week is DOGTOBERFEST from Flying Dog Brewing Company! Be on the lookout for it in 6-pack bottles and on draft in the weeks ahead. In the meantime, refresh your beer smarts with this quick tutorial on the history of this classic German brew….

Lagers are undoubtedly one of Germany’s most beloved creations. Brewing them year-round in the days before refrigeration, however, created quite a conundrum for a style that required a long cold-maturation process. The excessive heat of the summer would not allow for the lager to develop correctly and would inevitably give way to spoilage and bacterial infections. The season for brewing lagers therefore came to a halt in the spring, typically March, and resumed again in the fall when the outside temperatures had cooled off. The last batch of these spring beers, or Märzens (German for March) were stored in cool dark caves where they could “lager” hidden away from the summer sun until the fall when it was retrieved and consumed at their annual celebratory celebrations known as “fests.”

The history of Munich’s famous Oktoberfest celebration dates back to the wedding of Prince Ludwig and Princess Theresia a few hundred years later in the year 1810. The Prince requested a hearty ‘festbier’ similar to the amber lager famous in Vienna to be served at his wedding. This special version – a rich, malty brew with notes of caramel and toast – became known as ‘Oktoberfest’ and soon became the object of a sixteen-day annual celebration in Germany and later, around the rest of the world!

Oktoberfest: Flying Dog style…
Flying Dog’s version of the Oktoberfest marzen is brewed with traditional German hops, German malt and a special lager yeast strain. This three-time Great American Beer Festival medal winner pours a deep amber/copper hue and displays aromas and flavors of sweet caramel malt, toast and graham cracker and finishes smooth and clean. This is the perfect brew to kick back with on a crisp fall day! If you’re hungry, try Dogtoberfest with spicy barbeque dishes, enchiladas with mole sauce and of course, classic German fare such as bratwurst and pretzels! 5.6% abv


Upcoming Flying Dog Events:

Thursday, August 22nd
Flying Dog Brewery Night – Brickwall Tavern – Asbury Park
Pineapple Saison, Big Black Wit and more!

Wednesday, September 11th
Flying Dog Brewery Night – Cork City Pub – Hoboken
Dogtoberfest, Pineapple Saison, Easy IPA and much more!

Friday, September 13th
Flying Dog Beer Dinner – Salt Studio Beer School – Andover
5 courses, 5 brews, only $60 per person

Other Flying Dog Brews in-stock NOW:

Underdog Atlantic Lager
A crisp and refreshing session brew with a good malty base, a nice bite in the finish and tons of citrus and bisquity goodness. Underdog is simple drinking at its best.
Available in 6-pack cans and bottles, half and sixtel kegs

Doggie-Style Pale Ale
Classic American-style Pale Ale hopped with Northern Brewer and Cascade. 5.5% abv. Fantastic with burgers!
Available in 6-packs, half and sixtel kegs

Raging Bitch Belgian IPA
Our #1 selling Flying Dog brew. Hoppy and sweet with notes of grapefruit and pine. 8.3% abv
Available in 6-packs, half and sixtel kegs

Snake Dog IPA
Tons of citrus and hoppy bitterness with a firm caramel malt backbone. 7.1% abv
Available in 6-pack cans and bottles

Old Scratch Amber Lager
Malty and refreshing and delicious with grilled sausages or spicy barbeque. 5.5% abv
Available in 6-packs

Gonzo Imperial Porter
Chock-full of roasted coffee and dark chocolate notes. A GABF Gold Medal winner! 9.2% abv
Available in 6-packs

Double Dog Pale Ale
For all you serious hop heads! Enjoy with sharp, sharp cheeses or a super sweet dessert. 11.5% abv
Available in 6-packs

Shock & Awe Variety 12-packs
For all you fickle-minded Flying Dog fans….
3 bottles each of Pearl Necklace, Snake Dog, Underdog and Raging Bitch!



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