Slider Weekly Spotlight — 12 February 2019

Founders Brewing continues to dominate the national craft beer market with their two best selling beers – All Day IPA, their flagship session ale, and Solid Gold, their premium lager that was released to their distribution network for the first time last year. We are stoked to introduce these Founders favorites in 5 new case formats just added to their year-round lineup!

Originally available in 6-pack bottles, 6-pack cans, 15-pack cans, and 19.2 oz. cans only, you can now find All Day IPA in 12-pack bottles in retail stores statewide. Solid Gold, originally available in 6-pack cans and 15-pack cans only, is now on shelves in 12-pack cans, 12-pack bottles, 19.2 oz. cans, and 24-pack cans!

Solid Gold also happens to be the first Founders release available in 24-packs, which only adds to the already affordable and accessible premium session lager.


All Day IPA: 12-pack bottles

Solid Gold: 12-pack cans | 12-pack bottles | 19.2 cans | 24-pack cans


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