Hunterdon Partners with New Jersey’s First Legal Distillery Since Prohibition

July 22, 2013 – Craft spirit enthusiasts in the Garden State will have an exciting new local product to savor this summer. Jersey Artisan Distilling, the state’s first legal distillery since prohibition, has opened its doors in Fairfield, New Jersey and will begin distribution with Hunterdon in early August. Their Busted Barrel Silver Rum will be the first product to be released, followed by Busted Barrel Dark Rum in October 2013.

Jersey Artisan founders Brant Braue and Krista Haley are excited for the opportunity to bring distilling back to their home state after a ninety-four year hiatus. Their initial focus on classic rum production pays homage to the “flavors and tastes that made rum the most popular spirit in colonial times and beyond.” The name Busted Barrel “was inspired by the images from Prohibition, especially the police busting open the moonshiners’ barrels. We felt the name would be appropriate since we are finally ending Prohibition in New Jersey,” explains Haley. Currently the distillery uses molasses sourced from Louisiana, but has future intentions of honoring the agricultural bounties of the Garden State by using locally sourced grains and fruits in the production of additional spirits and infused rums.

“Both being from New Jersey, Brant and I were passionate about reviving the distilling industry in the state and the opportunity to bring to the people spirits they can be as proud to drink as they are of living here. We are especially excited to be working with Hunterdon because they have always promoted the best that New Jersey has to offer. This has been a long time coming and we know it will prove to be worth the wait,” states Haley.

While Hunterdon has maintained their reputation for nearly two decades as New Jersey’s largest craft beer distributor, they are steadily becoming known for their small, but growing collection of unique artisan spirits. They are very proud to partner with this new local distillery and anticipate the launch to be extremely well-received in the market.

“This is a momentous occasion, not only for the craft spirits movement, but for the history of distilling,” states Jeremiah Goldovitz, Hunterdon’s Spirit Division Manager. “The very first distillery license issued by the U.S. Department of Treasury was to a distillery in New Jersey in 1780 – yet there hasn’t been a new license granted here since the repeal of Prohibition. This is a huge triumph for Jersey Artisan Distilling and the Garden State, and Hunterdon is thrilled to be part of it.”

Employees from Hunterdon took part in the first official bottling of Busted Barrel Silver Rum for the New Jersey market on Friday, July 12th. Two additional bottling events will take place on July 26th and August 2nd before the official launch on Monday, August 12th. The distributor is also planning kick-off celebrations at bars and retail locations throughout the state during the first few weeks of August. Consumers should stay tuned with our website for updates regarding these events.


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