Distilled Beer Spirits

Aventinus Edelbrand
The unaged expression of Aventinus maintains the original beer’s characteristic flavors, including banana, strawberry, hop spice, and hints of basil and clove. Its mouthfeel suggests the sweetness of the original beer without actually having a sticky syrup quality.
Aventinus Chardonnay Aged
Distilled Aventinus is matured for 16 months in French oak barrels formerly used for Chardonnay to create this distinctly Scotch malt whisky-ish, slightly tart, honeyed, and fruity spirit.
Aventinus M. Couvreur Whisky Barrel Aged
Matured for three years in whisky barrels from famed Michel Couvreur, this spirit
is light-bodied, oaky, and slightly savory with a rich dried fruit finish and a slightly smoky aroma.

Edelster No. 1 “Bierbrand”
This unaged beer distillate carries the citrus, mint, and vanilla notes of its base
Kölsch beer with some sweetness and creamy texture on the palate, but none of the “funk” of fruit eau-de-vie congeners. Light and easy-sipping.

Edelster No. 2 Bourbon Finish
This straw-yellow spirit gains tannic and vanilla notes from the barrel and a bit of
bitter coffee on the finish to round out the base Kölsch distillate. Almost a dead ringer for a high-quality American whisky on the nose, but with very different midpalate notes.

Edelster No. 3 Port Finish
This sunset-red-tinged spirit has oxidized sherry and raisin notes on the nose, sweet fruit and toffee notes imparted by the port barrel with substantial tartness and tannic bitternes on the palate, and a long, lingering finish.


World famous Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier is masterfully distilled, and then matured in M. Couvreur whiskey barrels for 24 months. They then add freshly smoked barley malt to the barrels, and age for an additional 12 months. The result is a unique spirit that has balanced notes of smoke, hops, barley, and a touch of spice, with a hint of malt sweetness. Available filtered or unfiltered.

While it started producing the acclaimed Hitachino Nest beers in 1996, Kiuchi brewery in Konosu, Japan has been making sake and distilled spirits for almost 200 years. Consequently, it was a natural step for the brewery to distill its beer, and it has done so to spectacular effect with this distillate of Hitachino Nest White Ale. The distilled beer is matured with coriander, hops, and orange peel for one month and then it is diluted with fresh White Ale and matured for another six months, finally being filtered and bottled with only minor dilution from local spring water. The resulting spirit is spicy with coriander, bitter orange, and oak notes on the nose, with a massive mid-palate balance of sweetness, tartness, and slight citrus-peel bitterness with a long chewy sake aftertaste.


Maturation in Grande Champagne Cognac barrels for six months adds the cognac’s distinctive honey, pear, plum, and warm spice notes to the malt and vanilla tones of the base beer. The nose marries rich fruit notes to the herbal overtones of the beer malt, and then goes through a long flavor evolution to a citrus peel, tangerine, golden raisin, and slight pistachio nut finish.