Non-Alcoholic Mixers

Bloody Mary
By using only the finest ingredients and the original recipe, we pay homage to the most classic of all cocktails, The Bloody Mary. To top the original social scene cocktail, garnish with celery sticks, olives, slice of lemon, lime wedge, salami or even shrimp!

Ingredients such as real orange oil, lime juice and all-natural cane sugar fuse to create a tangy, not too sweet, refreshing flavor of the original authentic Margarita, first developed in 1937, in Tijuana, Mexico.

First created in Cuba, the Mojito evolved a drink known for its minty, citrusy flavor. Our faithful recreation includes mint oil, lime oil, lime juice and all-natural cane sugar to provide that freshly muddled taste. Try adding fresh strawberries or kiwi for a fruity twist.

Perfect for any “Lady’s Night”, our fusion of cranberry juice, lime juice and all-natural ingredients will make the sexiest cocktail around. For a even sexier beverage, add a splash of fresh orange juice to create The Madras or a splash of soda water for a Cosmo Spritzer.

Known for its functional properties, Ginger serves as a great sippable soft drink or as a mixer with whisky, rum or brandy. We pack a wallop of spicy, soothing, therapeutic ginger in every sip that’s satisfying and warming.

Simple, crisp and refreshing with a touch of lemon and orange, this perfectly balanced mix is great with vodka, tequila and gin. Topped with a lemon garnish, a Pomegranate martini is sure to be a hit for any house party.

Peach Bellini
Italy’s favorite cocktail has taken America by storm. Our Bellini mixer consists of pureed white peaches and is delicious mixed with Prosecco and other sparkling favorites. Garnished with a cherry or raspberries, it’s sure to be a favorite at brunch or any upcoming celebration.

Lo-Cal Margarita
The secret behind our low-calorie Margarita mixer lies in the sweetener: Organic agave nectar and pear juice. The rest of the blend contains the same fine ingredients we have become famous for including natural lime juice, essential orange oil and lemon juice.

Lemon Sour
Perhaps the most versatile mixer, our Lemon Sour contains only the finest natural ingredients, perfectly blended for a wide range of cocktails including Whisky Sour, Old Fashioned and Tom Collins.

Hot Toddy
Beloved for centuries as a functional and therapeutic drink during colder months, this all-natural authentic recipe stays true to its 1751 origins. Hot Toddy is the perfect drink for cold weather and the holidays.

Simple Syrup
Simple syrup is essential in making your own scratch Margarita or Mojito…and hundreds of other cocktails.
It is THE essential ingredient for all mixologists because it makes spirits taste better and last longer.

Blood Orange
Sought after for its rich, bold flavor, Blood Orange pairs perfectly with virtually any premium spirit. Simply add ice and your favorite spirit to whip up an all-natural, authentically delicious cocktail!

Ginger Beer
This recipe calls for only the finest ingredients, such as premium ginger root from the bazaars of Shanghai, combined with choice juniper and yarrow extracts from around the globe. The wonderful ginger “tickle & burn” is experienced on the very first sip.

An organic grain base, milled quinine bark and lemongrass are brought together to create a natural tonic water that is distinctly zesty and brewed to perfection. There is a sharpness derived from the bitter, woody aromas of quinine bark, mixed with a light dose of cane sugar.

This is a traditionally brewed, non-alcoholic Shandy. Premium hops and malted barley are brewed and fermented for three weeks before the addition of all-natural lemon juice to createcthis smooth, full-bodied soda.

Rose Lemonade
Complete with complex notes of lemon and the signature addition of ginger spice, this Rose Lemonade gets both its name, flavor, and unique blush pink color from purevrose extract infusions from the world famous Rose Valley in Kazanlak, Bulgaria.

Dandelion & Burdock
Full-strength infusions of Dandelion leaves and Burdock root, sweetened with pear juice and spiced with a touch of ginger and anise, all intermingle to create the unmistakable
aroma and distinctive palate of this traditional English soda.