American Gin
Upon first blush, you’ll discover notes of lemon peel and warm vanilla. Then, the profile shifts. And you’ll finish with the familiar nip of juniper on the edges of your tongue.
That’s what a better gin feels like. And that’s why every batch is distilled from the very best grains, bottled in-house and handled with the utmost care.

Rye Whiskey
The generous rye content is married with the sweetness of corn for a genteel interpretation of the venerable spirit. Patiently aged in air-dried oak barrels, its spicy character transcends mere resurgence. Behold – the renaissance of rye.

Bourbon WhiskeyThis spirit, distilled through timeless liquor-making techniques, utilizes a three-grain recipe that infuses generations of Southern tradition with the spiciness of northern rye and a touch of malt for smoothness. FEW is hand-crafted through a small-batch process in charred oak barrels to age its bourbon whiskey.

Town Branch Bourbon
Aged in new, charred white oak barrels, Town Branch is infused with a golden amber honey color, which is your inviting introduction to this masterfully crafted bourbon. Pleasant woody and oaky aromas lead into caramel, toffee, brown sugar, and hints of cherry. The lavish and complex flavors are smooth and sweet with a gentle warming leading to a long finish. Shortly after the barrels of Town Branch run dry, the spirit lives on as these barrels are used to age our award winning Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale!

Pearse Lyons Reserve
Symbolizing the passion of its founder and master distiller, Pearse Lyons Reserve™ is a malt whiskey distilled in dual copper pot stills from Scotland for the smoothest taste. Produced in the old-tradition with generations of inspiration from the Lyons Family, Pearse Lyons Reserve is a culmination of years of experience and passion. The nose is sweet with notes of molasses and brown sugar, a touch of nutmeg, and vanilla. The taste is smooth and spicy with chili peppers that fade slowly to reveal slightly tart notes of lemon crème and molasses. The finish is dry and long with a subtle touch of oak and a hint of brown sugar. An excellent debut!

Bluegrass Sundown
Reminiscent of the famed Irish coffee, but with a decidedly Kentucky spin, Bluegrass Sundown™ is a dark roasted coffee infused with Kentucky Bourbon and sugar. Upon opening the beautiful and mysterious dark bottle, a sensory experience immediately unfolds. The velvet liquid is poured into a beautiful glass and boiling water is added to fully release the flavors and aromas. Topped with a delicate layer of heavy cream, Bluegrass Sundown is the ideal grand finale to a special evening.

Hewn Red Barn Rye Whiskey
From Washington’s generation through Prohibition times rye was as common in early Pennsylvania as the hand-hewn red barns it was stored in. Hewn Spirits pays homage to these iconic and enduring American structures with our Red Barn Rye. Made for whiskey lovers from locally grown rye. Red Barn Rye is dry, spicy and evocative. A simpler libation, reminiscent of a simpler time.

Hewn New Moon Moonshine
Tradition and simpler times come alive in a new generation of this iconic American spirit. Plain, old-fashioned, locally grown corn shapes the heart of this backwoods staple. Distilled and hand-crafted in a copper pot still, New Moon is ready for sippin’ straight, on the rocks, or as an added kick to your next creative concoction. Relax, sit back and have a good ol’ time with our new take on moonshine from Hewn Spirits. And don’t you worry now… it’s all legal.

Hewn Shipmate Gold Rum
Shipmate Rum is for real people, plain and simple. Rum has always been about folks who love the water, even when they’re on land. Shipmate Rum is perfect straight up, on the rocks, or mixed in your favorite concoction. Artisan-crafted in small batches in a handmade copper pot still, our full line of Shipmate Rums uses only the finest Grade A sugarcane molasses and hand-picked spices. Permission to come aboard… Granted.

Three Bitches Vodka
There’s no bark or bite in this deliciously crisp spirit distilled from high quality wheat with a natural delicate flavor, perfect on its own or with your favorite mixer. Our classic wheat vodka is distilled to carefully impart subtle notes that separates it from the tasteless vodkas. Wheat comes through with distinctly subtle flavor and aroma that makes Three Bitches unique. The finish is clean, sharp without the burn and you’re left anticipating the next sip.

T. Rutter Rum
Pioneers like ironmaster Thomas Rutter forged possibilities in the land where Manatawny Still Works now distills our rum. Rutter was one of the first and his Manatawny Forge is recalled in this double-distilled spirit. Straight or in a cocktail, T. Rutter Rum is a homage to the forgotten founders.

J. Potts Whiskey
In 1752, ironmaster John Potts, a courageous risk-taker, colonized the beautiful portion of Penn’s Woods where the pristine Manatawny Creek joined the Philadelphia-bound Schuylkill River. Potts’ work ethic is the inspiration for our unaged whiskey, an honest and proper tribute to the pioneer spirit. Our authentic blend of grains yields a complex flavor profile that comes together for a surprisingly smooth white whiskey. The malty sweetness is balanced by the floral wheat while oats and rye adding a subtle spice. One sip and you will know why we don’t call it moonshine.

Busted Barrel Silver Rum
Distilled from molasses sourced from Louisiana, Busted Barrel Silver Rum shows a sweet nose, with a lingering depth. Notes of toasted sugar and banana are present on the palate then dissipate, finishing with savory notes of butter and salt.

Busted Barrel Dark Rum
Jersey Artisan allows their Busted Barrel Silver Rum to slumber in new charred oak barrels with fresh vanilla beans. Salted caramel, hints of maple, and toffee are the first to arrive on the nose and palate, making way for deeper notes of oak and vanilla to show prominence as the spirit opens up and breathes in the glass.

Spruce Gin
Opens with an aroma of fresh juniper blossoms and subtle citrus notes. With light-to-medium body, the fruity yet dry flavors of cucumber and tangerine transform into a distinct spruce finish.
Bronze Medal – 2011 World Beverage Competition

Pink Spruce Gin
The medal winning Spruce Gin aged in Oregon Pinot Noir barrels for 4–6 months. This gin, with a slightly more robust body and mouthfeel, highlights the best of Spruce Gin’s already fruity esters and adds smooth yet restrained flavors of vanilla, oak, and tannins.
Gold Medal – 2011 World Beverage Competitions

Dead Guy Whiskey
A fresh orange citrus aroma with a delicately sweet, rich malt complex. Medium-bodied, flavors of oak and honey give way to a clean vanilla finish. Dead Guy Whiskey is brewed and distilled using the same three malts as Rogue Dead Guy Ale.
Gold Medal – 2011 International Review of Spirits

Oregon Single Malt Whiskey
From ground to glass, this whiskey is 100% Rogue. The Rogue Department of Agriculture grows, malts, roasts, and smokes it own malting barley on 250 acres in Oregon’s Tygh Valley Appellation. It opens with an attractive aroma of floral honey, peach, and mango. Medium-to-full bodied, the aromas slowly transition to lush, ripe fruit and brown spice.
Gold Medal – 2011 World Beverage Competition

Hazelnut Rum
This spiced rum instantly reveals sweet aromas of toasted hazelnut and brown sugar. Medium-bodied, a sweet blend of vanilla, cinnamon, and clove set the stage for an oaky, vanilla and bourbon-like finish.
Silver Medal – 2011 World Beverage Competition

Dark Rum
Dark Rum starts off with crisp aromas of toffee and brown sugar. Medium-bodied, the nose immediately transitions to distinct flavors roasted nuts, spice, and sweet oak.
Gold Medal – 2010 World Beverage Competition

Three Sheets Rum
This straight forward column-distilled rum is made from organic sugarcane juice. It is a domestic, craft analogue to the classic Puerto Rican and Central American rums. Bracing in a daiquiri or collins.

Barrel-Aged Three Sheets Rum
Aged for three years in new charred white oak barrels, this rum is a light, elegant alternative to big-bodied sipping rums, and is well suited to the rye or wheat whiskey drinker.

Old Grove Gin
Made with an organic corn base, Old Grove Gin is a classic London dry, but with relatively mild balanced botanicals. Suited to a martini, a bramble, or other cocktails in which a light- profile gin is desired.

Fugu Vodka
Named for the deadly blowfish, Fugu vodka is clean, easy-drinking, and eminently mixable. Distilled from a predominantly wheat base.

Bloody Mary Mix
This mix embodies everything that the craft beer drinker looks for in that famous “morning after” beverage.
Spicy and bold with a proprietary blend of ingredients including their award winning Calico Amber Ale.

Mai Tai Mix
A refreshing twist on this Tiki classic. We start with the essentials – pineapple, lime and other citrus – then add a splash of guava for an extra burst of tropical flavor.

Knickerbocker Gin
This London dry-style gin is infused with a dozen different botanicals, with a strong juniper presence. The double distillation and high-barley mash contribute to a light, crisp spirit that works in any classic gin cocktail.

Bill’s Michigan Wheat
An ode to distilling icon, Bill Owens, this wheat whiskey is distilled from wheat grown and malted in our home state of Michigan. Born from our small barrel program with a focus on Michigan agriculture, this soft and delicious whiskey won’t last long.

Clockwork Orange
Spiced orange liqueur made with oranges, orange peel, cinnamon, coriander and cardamon. Bright flavors contribute to cocktails with deliciously restrained sweetness.

Hatter Royale Hopquila
Hatter Royale is based on a 100% barley wash that is double-distilled and then infused with Centennial hops. It is slightly citric and bitter, with grapefruit and wildflower notes. Refreshing in a Paloma or Margarita variant or excellent on the rocks with some lemon and soda.

Beer Barrel Bourbon
Aged in new American oak barrels for several years before a three month beer-y slumber in Dragon’s Milk Barrels, the beer-barrel aging lends biscuity notes and a smooth malt character to the robust whiskey tones of toffee and caramel.

Zeppelin Bend Straight Malt Whiskey
This straight malt whiskey is an iconic expression of New Holland’s brewing roots and its growing passion for distilling. Made from 100% malted barley, this whiskey is double column distilled and aged in new, heavily-charred American oak for a minimum of three years. It has light vanilla and clove notes on the nose and a smooth, rich palate, with a candy and fruit finish.

Brewer’s Edition Whiskeys
Introduced by New Holland Artisan Spirits in 2010, this series of small-barrel whiskeys twice distilled from a beer wash and laid down in small casks with 42.5% ABV a heavy char.

Wasmund’s Single Malt Whisky
This American single malt combines the best of the grand tradition of single malt whisky with unique innovations for aging and flavoring to produce a powerfully delicious and intriguing domestic single malt whisky.92 points ‘Exceptional’ – 2013 International Review of Spirits

VirGin honors the Copper Fox tradition of utilizing locally grown grain. It’s hand-crafted from 100% malted barley, distilled in pot stills resulting in a deep and rich flavor profile that allows the malt to shine. We then use the finest natural ingredients available: Mediterranean juniper, citrus, spice and selected botanicals.

Copper Fox Rye Whisky
A remarkable rye whisky made with a generous amount of smoked malt. The mash bill is 2/3 Virginia rye and 1/3 Virginia Thoroughbred hand-malted barley—kiln dried with applewood and cherrywood smoke. 94 Points – Exceptional – 2013 International Review of Spirits

Distiller’s Art Single Malt Spirit
This clear spirit is the Gold Medal award-winning Wasmund’s Single Malt Whisky bottled at barrel strength prior
to aging. This spirit is hand-crafted from 100% Thoroughbred barley grown locally and developed exclusively for Copper Fox. 92 points – Whisky Bible

Distiller’s Art Rye Spirit
This clear spirit is the Wasmund’s Rye Whisky, bottled at barrel strength prior to aging. Hand-crafted from 2/3 Virginia rye and 1/3 Thoroughbred barley grown locally and developed exclusively for Copper Fox. 85.5 points – Whisky Bible

Distiller’s Art Barrel Kit
This kit allows for hands on exploration into barrel exposure and its integral role in the aging of spirits, as it includes a 2 liter charred American White Oak barrel, and two bottles of either Rye or Single Malt spirits (both un-aged).

McKenzie Bourbon Whisky
A very rich double-pot distilled bourbon. A local heirloom variety of corn makes up 70% of the mash bill. Aged in 10-gallon new charred barrels and finished in local Chardonnay casks for a round, buttery finish.

McKenzie Rye Whisky
Made from New York State grain and distilled using old-time techniques. Aged in new charred quarter casks and finished in sherry barrels from local wineries. Notes of orange peel, cardamom, mint, and butterscotch.

Glen Thunder Corn Whisky
A fine-tuned, true American corn whiskey made to honor one of the world’s greatest raceways. Fresh aroma of sweet summer corn. Crisp yet smooth on the palate with toasty caramelized notes and a meaty finish.


McKenzie Distiller’s Reserve Gin
A traditional London-style dry style gin showing bright citrus flavors on the palate with a clean, crisp finish. Ideal for a dry martini, though it really shines straight up. Partial grape distillate.

Greylock Gin
A London dry-style of gin of exceptional quality. A proprietary blend of 7 botanicals, packed into a gin head suspended over a pot still, infuses the distillate with its unique essence.
Gold Medal – San Francisco Spirits Competition
Best Value – The New York Times 2012

Ethereal Gin
A true gin-lovers gin, brimming with over 14 botanicals. Balanced, bold and sublime, Ethereal is a limited edition gin; its recipe changing with each batch.
Gold Medal – Beverage Testing Institute

Ice Glen Vodka
The finest neutral spirit is blended with the historic granite-rich spring water and then charcoal filtered to create a vodka of exceptional sipping quality.
Gold Medal – Beverage Testing Institute
90 points – Wine Enthusiast 2011

Ragged Mountain Rum
A molasses-based traditional pot still style of rum. Triple-distilled and aged in bourbon barrels for at least two years. Rich and complex with cognac-like qualities, toasty oak and vanilla undertones and a long, balanced finish.
Double Gold Medal – San Francisco Spirits Competition

Berkshire Bourbon
Produced from 72% locally-grown corn, 18% rye, 10% malted barley. Triple pot-distilled and aged in charred virgin American white oak barrels for a minimum of two years. Smooth and balanced with bright notes of spicy rye, vanilla, caramel and toasted nut. 91.5 points – Jim Murray’s Whiskey Bible

New England Corn Whiskey
Produced from 90% locally-grown corn and 10% malted barley. Aged one year over oak and cherrywood which is cut, milled, and charred by hand on the farm. Full-bodied with earthy overtones of grass and cherry fruitwood. Very complex with lingering notes of smoke and fig on the finish.

Berkshire Bitters
Flavors include Coffee, Wormwood, and Falernum – a blend of Carribean Tiki spices. Perfect for new and classic cocktails alike, they are versatile additions to the professional or home bar

Barr Hill Gin
Made from local Vermont corn and organic juniper berries with raw honey added just before bottling. This is a gin unlike any other you have tried. Smooth, complex and drinkable with unique floral aromas.

Barr Hill Vodka
Distilled from 100% honey. Each batch takes close to a month to make. Raw honey is cold fermented into mead, then distilled into vodka. Texture is creamy, with luscious honey notes on both nose and palate. Unique and delicious.


La Puritita Verda
Young, handcrafted mezcal made of 100% Agave angustifolia. This mezcal is specially handcrafted for mixology and boasts a savory sweetness, combining smoke and earthy undertones. Lower in alcohol than tradition dictates, it is a perfect ‘mise en bouche’ to get your palate ready for more powerful mezcals or a spicy meal.

Tequiliana Weber
Young, handcrafted mezcal made of 100% Agave Tequilana Weber. The bouquet is redolent
of the fine, pre-industrialization tequilas of the early 20th century. The nose is herbaceous and earthy, with strong anise. On the palate, it is bold, sweet and floral, and laced with tropical fruit.

Young, handcrafted mezcal made of 100% Agave angustifolia.The bouquet is slightly smoky with hints of aromatic wood and wild flowers. Its effect on the palate is complex with an enduring depth of mouth-feel and flavor.

Plata “La Latilla” 2015
An unaged tequila made with agave from the highest of all the Camarena’s ranchos. Nose: Pear, cooked pineapple, butter scents of read earth, apple cider, carmel, green apple, spearment, wintergreen, iron and aloe vera.
Gold Medal – San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Reposado “La Magueyera” 2014
At 2055 meters above sea level, Las Pomez is one of the highest agave appellations. Fruit is harvested only when extremely ripe (over 9 1/2 years old). On the nose: Lily blossom, peach, green tobacco, cotton candy, stewed plums, eucalyptus, anise with almost no oak. On the palate: Bread yeast notes, tangerine, lemongrass, anise, black pepper, returning to roasted pineapple, again no oak present

Anejo “La Magueyera” 2014
This remarkable Anejo is made from mature agave fruit harvested at 9 years of age. Sweet and sharp on the nose with notes of Crème brulee, hibiscus, almond, wet concrete, vanilla, porcini mushroom, all accented with acetone.On the palate: Red stone fruit, meaty, wet pine cinders, slight carmel and wood, chocolate, pink peppercorns and fresh vegetal finish.


Exceptionally smooth and fresh. Citric, herbal and fruity on the nose and palate. Ideal on its own or as the base for the finest Margaritas.
Gold Medal – The Fifty Best

Aged for at least 6 months in both French and American oak barrels with differing degrees of charring. Aromas of raisins, dates and walnuts. Exceptionally smooth and silky on the palate.
95 points – Wine Enthusiast

Aged for over 1 year in French and American oak. Dark golden in color, elegant and silky with a unique woody aroma and notes of vanilla, spice and cinnamon. A premium tequila for true aficionados.

2012 Silver
Fresh and fruity with fragrances reminiscent of the sweet aromas of cooked agave. Beautiful undertones of white pepper. Ideal as an apertif and to accompany foods with a spicy character.
93 points – The Tasting Panel

2012 Reposado
Aged for at least 6 months in American oak. Floral and earthy aroma with notes of vanilla, caramel, cinnamon and orange. To be enjoyed alone, on the rocks or in more sophisticated cocktails.
92 Points – Wine Enthusiast

2012 Anejo
Aged for 12-18 months in American oak. Wonderfully elegant with notes of caramel, vanilla, tobacco and pepper. Reminiscent of the finest single malt scotches.
92 Points – The Tasting Panel

123 Organic (Uno)
Uno is un-aged, showing intensely clean aromas of fresh agave. Vibrant with lemon peel, black pepper, and minerals, and smooth as silk with a lengthy finish, this youthful blanco is so sippable it’s criminal. 96 Points – Tasting Panel

123 Organic (Dos)
Aged six months in oak with salted caramel, crème brulee, and toffee notes. There’s agave on the nose, but it quickly
dissipates as you head for a light dessert course, complete with a finish that features notes of mint and anise. 96 Points – Tasting Panel

123 Organic (Tres)
After 18 months in oak, Tres’ wood character is more prominent, and shows an initially heady bouquet of tannin and wood oil notes that dissipate and reveal a rich essence of caramel and chocolate. Opens up beautifully when given time in the glass. 96 Points – Tasting Panel

Commonwealth Tonic
Originally developed as the Bittermens house tonic water, this liqueur makes properly bitter, old school tonic water when diluted with 6-8 parts soda water. The maceration method extracts a deep bitterness, floral quinine presence, and slight sweetness for a range of cocktail applications.

Citron Sauvage
Offering great citrus depth, this selection helps to embellish citrus driven cocktails, but also shows well on its own over rocks. It concurrently imparts bitter, tart, and fresh sweetness of grapefruit, inspiring a range of applications.

New Orleans Coffee Liquer
Brazilian coffee is organically roasted with French chicory root by artisan coffee roasters in New Orleans, blended with cacao nibs from Taza chocolate, and sweetened with domestic Belgian-style brewers candi syrup.

Amere Sauvage
Combines French yellow gentian, chamomile, and citrus peel to create a bracingly bitter, refreshing, earthy flavor that is perfect for cocktails or great on the rocks as a refreshing summer sipper.

Amere Nouvelle
Inspired by the classic Alsatian cordial featured in the Amer Biere aperitif style cocktail, this selection shows a bounty of bitter orange, gentian and spices.

Hiver Amer
Bold cinnamon with subtle gentian and bitter orange make this a versatile addition to brandy based cocktails and classic Tiki applications.


Baska Snaps
A classic Scandinavian bitter spirit created by infusing aquavit with licorice, citrus, and other botanicals. It is then blended with a touch of sugar and combined with a wormwood distillate produced by the famed Distillerie Les Fils d’Emile Pernot. Serve cold.

Hopped Grapefruit
Fragrant bitter grapefruit and scidic hops; designed to complement young rums, tequilas, and mezcals, offering a gentle punch of citrus. Great in a daiquiri, gimlet, or even a gin and tonic (with a splash of maraschino liqueur).

Boston Bittahs
Citrus and chamomile; works well with pisco, mescal, or scotch. Boston Bittahs boasts a fresh citrus bouquet, offering a great complexity to summertime favorites like sours, fizzes, and bright tropical drinks.

Elemakule Tiki
Cinnamon, allspice, ginger, coriander, and lime; inspired by traditional falenums that show classic flavors of the West Indies. Lends great depth to a classic Mai Tai or any other tiki inspired cocktails.

Hellfire Habanero Shrub
A blend of peppers, spices and red wine vinegar. Designed for cocktails like a Bloody Mary, anything savory with tequila or aquavit, or even just to spice up a more conventional sour, though great with eggs or oysters!

Hibiscus, sour berries, pepper spices; wakes up the palate with a sweet and spicy tartness. Pairs well with amaro, tequila, dry gin, and Caribbean rum, brightening up assertive classics from the Negroni to the Pisco Sour.

Orange Cream Citrate
Fragrant orange, vanilla, tart citrus; reminiscent of profiles found in old school soda recipes. Offers great tartness and acidity, and acts as a stepped up substitute for most recipes calling for orange bitters.

Xocolatl Mole
Chocolate, cinnamon, smoked chile, and spices; perfect with dark rum, aged tequila, and other dark spirits. Inspired by the classic mole sauces of Mexico, a dash or two adds great depth to an Old Fashioned, Manhattan, or modern incantations of these classics.

Orchard Street Celery Shrub
Celery, apple, and mild brininess; produced by infusing celery into apple cider vinegar based brine. This is a natural complement to gin, aquavit, and blanco tequila, and lends great depth to a Martini, Bloody Mary, or Red Snapper.

Barbados Black Rock 2000
This 8-year-old Bajan rum is distilled using an unusual process: First in a column still (the Caribbean’s first such still) and then pot still. Matured in American oak, it gets finished in Martinez port casks for extra dried fruit, vanilla and chocolate notes to complement its rich and heavy finish, which is somewhat reminiscent of the finer Irish whiskeys.

Trinidad Angostura 1991
One of the more famous rum distilleries in the world, this distillery shares space with the home of the famous Angostura bitters brand. After 16 years in American Oak, this column- distilled spirit is rich, spicy, and has almost puckery mouth-feel from aging-conferred tannins. A brief stint in Chateau Lafite casks rounds it out and confers extra depth of flavor.

Grenada Westerhall 1996
This distillery is privately-owned project that makes only 3 barrels a day, distilled from copper pot stills using freshly-milled sugar cane. The herbaceous, rich liquid acquires spice, red fruit, and coffee and cocoa notes from its 11 years in barrel, and is then give further complexity by finishing in Chateau Haut Brion Bordeaux casks, which add floral and dark cherry notes to an already impressively complex spirit.

Twenty 2 Vodka
Produced using only the “hearts”, Northern Maine water and a charcoal filtration process. No Color. No Taste. No Odor. Neutral. It’s the way vodka should be.
Double Gold Medal Winner – 2012 San Franciso World Spirits Competition

High Proof Spirit
Micro- distilled in 50 gallon batches for superior neutrality. Bottled at 160 Proof, this product is designed for creating vibrant infused vodkas and liqueurs. For an extensive list of ideas, check their website!

This pure grain vodka from Holland combines tradition and quality craftsmanship with an ultramodern artistic flair. Produced from a family with five generations of distillation expertise, Bong Vodka is distilled six times for smoothness and filtered four times for purity using a 150 year-old recipe. The New York Times called it “A burst of innovation” and the World Spirits Competition in San Francisco voted it the “Best Clean Spirit” out of 700 contenders.The distinctive bong bottles are all hand-crafted in Milan Italy, each one individually numbered and signed by the artist.

Right Gin is made from corn that has been distilled five times and clean, pure water sourced from a lake in the southern part of Sweden. Traditional botanicals include juniper, coriander and cardamom in addition to Sarawak black pepper, lemon, lime, orange and bergamot. Each of the ingredients are distilled individually and perfectly blended for a clean, smooth and superior experience.

Kubler is the first authentic Swiss absinthe to be imported to the United States after nearly one-hundred years. It is produced in the birthplace of absinthe, the Val-de-Travers region of Switzerland, with history dating back to 1862. Before the ban was enforced by the Swiss government in 1910, Kubler was an award-winning absinthe at competitions throughout Europe. Kubler is made using 100% local ingredients and the recipe is the same today as it was a century ago.

The incredibly complex nature of this absinthe is achieved by macerating with herbs both before and after the distillation process. An abundance of herbs including fennel, caraway, anise and mint are detected on the aroma and palate. The long, warming finish makes this an ideal digestif.

Belgian Owl is the first Belgian whiskey ever made with barley grown in Belgium. The barley malt is distilled in century-old stills and then aged in oak casks for three years. During the maturation process, it gradually takes on its lovely amber color and develops magnificent aromas of pear, cherry, and lily. The finish hints at apples.