River Horse Summer Blonde

Your favorite fat hippo in a yellow-polka-dot bikini is back….and ready to make a huge splash in a pool near you! No, it’s not 80 degrees yet, but we’re convinced that if we drink a lot now, the warm weather will follow! Yesterday marked the official release of Summer Blonde in the Garden State with bars, restaurants and growler stations featuring this blonde beauty on tap all day long. In preparation for this special day, we delivered a whopping 3576 cases and 155 kegs of Summer Blonde across the state this past Saturday. Damn, that’s a lot of beer! It took 12 delivery trucks, 4 vans, 21 drivers and an office full of people to accomplish this amazing task. We’re mighty thankful to all the Hunterdon employees (delivery drivers, warehouse personnel, office staff, sales reps) and volunteers for all their hard work in getting the job done. It was a long week, and they definitely deserve a few beers!

So with all that said, get on out there for some Summer Blonde today! Grab a 6-pack or have a pint at your local bar. For a list of places serving Summer Blonde on tap, click here. And if you’re in the Lambertville area, stop on by for a sample. The River Horse Brewery is open for tasting Friday through Sunday from 12-5 and tours are available on both Saturday and Sunday.

Summer Blonde is a light and refreshing easy-drinking brew with hints of citrus and honey. At only 4.5% abv it’s perfect for a long day in the sun, whether that be at the shore, at a tailgate or at home while getting all those outdoor chores done. And since it’s brewed right here in the Garden State, you’ll be showing some serious Jersey pride while supporting your local economy. Enough said!

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