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This week is all about Great Divide! In addition to a replenishment of all your favorite year-round brews, we have some fantastic seasonals hitting the streets as we speak. Rumble IPA is back on the block for the third consecutive year; each year causing more and more of a rukus amongst craft beer fans. Aged in both French and American oak, Rumble is everything you love about American IPA with an earthy, woody twist. And if you’re on a liquid diet this summer, be sure to pick up some Wolfgang, a rich and chewy dopplebock with notes of dried fruit, coffee and tons of sweet caramel malt! And last but certainly not least, the latest in the Yeti series has arrived! Belgian-Style Yeti combines all the signature roasty goodness of the original Yeti with a spicy and fruity complexity from a special Belgian yeast strain.

So there you have it: An awesome trifecta of craft beers to help keep you and your tastebuds happy all season long! Sounds like a reason to get out there and do some shopping….

Rumble IPA
96 Points
Brewed with Pacific Northwest hops and aged on both French and American oak. A great combination of hoppy bitterness, caramel sweetness and hints of vanilla from the oak. 7.1% abv
Available in 6-packs and on draft


Wolfgang Dopplebock
84 Points
Rich, chewy and malty, Wolfgang boasts notes of dried fruit, caramel and coffee with an underlying hoppy bitterness. 8% abv
Available in 22oz bottles and on draft


Belgian-Style Yeti Imperial Stout
99 Points
Rich and roasty with notes of spice and fruit from the use of a special Belgian yeast strain. 9.5% abv
Available in 22oz bottles and on draft



Celebrating EIGHTEEN years in the craft beer biz just this past month, Great Divide is consistently voted by industry experts as one of the top breweries in the country. Zymurgy Magazine recently ranked them #16 on the list of ‘Best Breweries’, #11 on the list of ‘Best Portfolios’ and the Yeti Imperial Stout grabbed the #43 spot on the list of ‘Top Ranked Beers’!! Be sure to read all about this, AND MORE on Great Divide’s fancy new website!

Also in-stock from Great Divide:

98 Points
Available in 6-packs and on draft

84 Points
Available in 6-packs and on draft

100 Points
Available in 4-packs

100 Points
Available in 4-packs and on draft

84 Points Beer Advocate
Available in 6-packs

and coming in October…Claymore Scotch Ale!


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