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Listen up Allagash fans…this week we are excited to announce that Black 4-packs have made their way to the Garden State! We’ve been waiting patiently to get our hands on these babies since they made their splash in select beer markets earlier this year. Based on the level of excitement surrounding this new packaging, we may sell out of our initial order in just a matter of days. Luckily for all of us though, these 4-packs will be a year round product from here on out. So if you happen to miss out, don’t go crying in your empty beer glass just yet…there will definitely be more on its way!

Originally released in 2007, Black is Allagash’s interpretation of a Belgian-style stout. Brewed with a combination of barley, wheat, oats, roasted and chocolate malt and dark caramelized candi sugar, this 7.5% abv stout is decadent and complex with a rich roasted character and notes of coffee and dark chocolate. Interesting to note: while it is bottle-conditioned in both the 750ml and 12oz format, the carbonation level is slightly lower in the 12oz version. Black is delicious all year long, but has been proven by our “research team” to keep you feeling especially warm and fuzzy during the cool weather months, so be sure to get your paws on some Black today! Other available formats include 750ml bottles and 1/6 kegs.

Allagash Black is rated 98 POINTS on and 90 POINTS on Beer Advocate!

Get in my belly!

Does this fabulous fall weather have you hankering for some braised beef or hearty stew? Pour yourself a glass of Allagash Black to serve alongside. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, serve up some oatmeal raisin cookies with a side of stout for dessert! And for all you cheese fans, a pungent, salty blue cheese is an amazing contrast to the sweetness and roasted notes you’ll find in this complex stout. Bon Appetit!

17 Years of World Class Brews

Since 1995 Allagash Brewing Company has been producing some of the country’s greatest interpretations of the Belgian classics. Inspired by traditional Belgian Abbey recipes and brewing techniques, founder Rob Tod set out to fill a niche that the American beer industry clearly lacked at the time. His first brew, White Ale, is arguably the most distinguished Belgian Wit this side of the Atlantic and remains the brewery’s flagship ale to this day. Rob soon began experimenting with other Belgian recipes until he perfected his version of the Dubbel and Tripel using his own proprietary Belgian yeast strain.

Nearly two decades later, Rob and his team have become one of the most respected and distinguished craft breweries in the country. Their extensive line-up not only includes the Belgian classics but also a collection of unique experimental brews that pushes the envelope on what American craft brewing is capable of and continually inspires beer enthuiasts and fellow brewers around the world.

Charitable Brewing

The Allagash Tribute Series comprised of Victoria, Victor, Hugh Malone and Fluxus, was created as a way for the brewery to give back to their local community. One dollar from every bottle is donated to local arts organizations, historic landmarks, hospital programs and agricultural associations in the Maine vicinity. Pick up a bottle of Fluxus 2012 (in-stock now) and you’ll not only be contributing to a great cause, but you’ll be enjoying Allagash experimental brewing at its finest!

Growing Pains?

In recent news, craft beer in the state of Maine has been experiencing a tremendous growth spurt. In just a few short years, craft breweries including Allagash, Geary’s and Shipyard to name a few, have contributed towards an increased production of fifty percent! That’s about 6.4 million gallons of fresh craft beer being produced every year! To keep up with the overwhelming demand for their beers, Allagash just broke ground on a large expansion that includes the addition of a 75 barrel BrauKon brewhouse, six 240 barrel tanks and a larger retail and tour area. Completion is anticipated for April 2013. Sounds like a road trip to Portland is in order for next summer!

Allagash brews in-stock now:
In addition to Black, we have a good supply of year round brews and limited releases on hand. Get all the details below!



Brewed with wheat and spiced with coriander and Curacao orange peel, White is vibrant and refreshing with tons of citrus and spice on both the nose and palate. 5% abv
94 POINTS Ratebeer
92 POINTS Beer Advocate
Available year round in 4-packs, 1/2 and 1/6 kegs

Deep red in color with a rich malt and fruity character. Notes of chocolate and nuts on the palate. Fantastic with a variety of cuisines, in particular barbeque and roasted lamb. 7% abv
94 POINTS Ratebeer
Available year round in 4-packs, 750ml bottles and 1/6 kegs



This version of the Belgian classic boasts layers up on layers of flavors with a long, warming finish. Notes of tropical fruit on the nose with hints of banana and honey on the palate. One of the most food-friendly styles on the market. Delicious with your Thanksgiving Turkey, rich gooey Camembert or sinfully sweet fruit-based desserts. 9% abv
99 POINTS Ratebeer
92 POINTS Beer Advocate
Available year round in 4-packs, 750ml bottles and 1/6 kegs


If you love the Tripel, the Curieux should be next on your list of beers to try. Allagash ages the Tripel in Jim Beam Bourbon barrels for eight weeks and then blends in fresh Tripel, producing an incredibly complex ale with notes of vanilla and coconut. 11% abv
99 POINTS Ratebeer
Available year round in 750ml bottles. Occasional availability in 1/6 kegs



A Belgian-style Quadrupel brewed with four malts, four sugars, four hop varieties and then fermented four times, using four different yeast strains. Deep mahogany in color with tons of candied fruit on the nose and palate. 10% abv
99 POINTS Ratebeer
91 POINTS Beer Advocate
Available year round in 750ml bottles. Also available now in 1/6 kegs


Fluxus 2012
Allagash’s anniversary ale brewed differently each year. The 2012 Fluxus is a strong golden ale brewed with a combination of barley and spelt and spiced with green and pink peppercorns. Hopped with Northern Brewer, Cascade and Saaz and fermented with a yeast strain indigenous to the northern region of Belgium. Herbal, fruity and spicy with hints of mango and clove. 7.7% abv
$1 per bottle sold goes to the Allagash Pediatric Nurses Scholarship at the Maine Medical Center.
Limited Release. Available now in 750ml bottles and 1/6 kegs




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