Ciders & Mead

This small New England farm has been capturing the spotlight with their unique assortment of still and sparkling artisan ciders. All of their farmhouse creations are remarkably aromatic, complex and extremely food friendly! Be sure to check out their new ‘Dooryard’ Series – a collection of one-off batches created to give FH fans a true sense of what’s happening around the farm. Current available styles include Dooryard, Semi-Dry, Extra-Dry, Extra-Dry Still, Kingston Black and Farmhouse.
Founded in 1997, Original Sin uses two types of champagne yeast and only the freshest local apples and pears around for all their products. Their apple cider was named “Top American Cider” by The New York Times and their pear cider took home a gold medal at the Great International Beer & Cider Competition in 2009. New products this year include Cherry Tree and Newton Pippin Heirloom Variety Cider! All products are available in bottles. Apple is also available on draft.
Founded in an old mining town about an hour east of San Diego, Julian Cider is based on a recipe introduced to the American colonies by English settlers in 1670. Five styles of apples are hand-picked and then mixed with just a bit of yeast to ferment the natural sugars – no concentrated apple juice or additives whatsoever! Julian Hard Cider is a lightly carbonated and wonderfully crisp, clean cider that pairs beautifully with many different cuisines. Organic and gluten free too! Available in bottles.

Located in the Normandy region of France, Domaine Dupont is world-renown for their prestigious collection of vintage-dated ciders as well as calvados and pommeau. Only small, very concentrated and aromatic styles of apples are used in combination with local indigenous yeasts to produce intensely rich and complex ciders with flavors of apple tart and caramel. Current styles include Cidre Bouche Brut, Organic Cidre, Cidre Reserve, Cidre de Givre, Cuvee Colette, Pome and Pommeau. Subject to availability.
Located about 100 miles Northeast of London, this eighth generation family-run business focuses on quality and commitment to tradition. They have won several awards over the years including ‘Supreme Winner’ at the International Beer & Cider Competition. Current styles include Dry, Demi-Sec, Organic, Perronelle’s Blush and Cuvee Chevalier. Subject to availability.
This family run estate is one of France’s top producers of Calvados, pommeau, cider and poiré. Their Pays d’Auge ranked #1 out of 10 ciders by the New York Times and is made with a combination of bitter, sweet and acidic apples from the designated Pays d’Auge controlled appellation. Current styles include Cidre Comte de Lauriston, Pays d’Auge Cidre and Poire. Subject to availability.
Blackthorn achieves its signature dry, crisp taste from using primarily bittersweet cider apples that are low in acid and high in tannins. Founded in 1972, Blackthorn is very popular throughout the United Kingdom and especially among the locals in its native ‘West Country.’ This product is also gluten free! Available in bottles and cans.
A traditional cider from the Basque region of Spain. Unlike ciders from other European countries, Spanish cider is typically made still, not sparkling. This complex cider is both sweet and sour on the palate with pronounced tannins. Available in bottles.

Mike Henney began making cider in 1996 as a hobby and is now producing over 200,000 gallons per year. Four styles are produced from locally grown apples in the Herefordshire region and all maintain a Protected Geographical Indication status. Current styles include Dry and Vintage. Subject to availability.

Hogan’s uses cider apples from three of the most well-known counties in England for making and drinking farmhouse cider: Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire. They make two styles of cider and a vintage perry which took home a medal from the International Cider Challenge in 2010 in the ‘Perry and Pear Category.’ Current styles include Dry and Medium-Dry. Subject to availability.
The old farm where Oliver’s Cider House sits has been producing cider and perry for at least three centuries. Owner Tom Oliver ages all of his cider in oak barrels for 10 months before blending and bottling. He also experiments with bottle-conditioned versions. Current styles include Bottle Conditioned Dry, Medium and Perry, Classic Perry, Traditional Cider and Hereforeshire Dry Cider and Dry Perry. Subject to availability.
Founded in 1880, H. Weston & Sons is an independent family business that has been making cider from local Herefordshire apples for five generations. All of their ciders are crafted in oak barrels, some of which are over 200 years old. Great pride is taken in continuing to make cider the traditional way; from apples, without artificial flavors or additives. Current styles include Old Rosie, Oak Conditioned Extra Dry and Stowford Press Export. Subject to availability.
The Johnson family has been farming the same land (30 minutes down the road from Oliver’s) for over 70 years, and growing apples for over 30. Their products are fermented in barrels with only naturally-occurring, wild yeasts. Ross-on-Wye is known for experimenting with a variety of barrels (rum, whiskey, brandy). Current styles include Rum Barrel Medium Still Cider. Subject to availability.

Founded in 2006 by three close friends and fellow mead-aficionados, B.Nektar meads are made from several varieties of local Michigan honey. Their offerings range from Wildflower and Orange Blossom Mead to Vanilla Cinnamon and Wildberry Pyment – a mead made with grapes. Several of their styles are aged on oak for additional complexity. Current available styles include Zombie Killer (99pts, Miel de Garde, Harrar Coffee Mead, Orange Blossom Mead, Wildflower Mead, Wildberry Pyment and Vanilla Cinnamon Mead. Please contact us for additional seasonal offerings.

These sweet, intoxicating fermented honey beverages are made with all natural ingredients and local Colorado honey. The eclectic line-up of meads range from Traditional Mountain Honey Wine – a 12% still mead – to sparkling ‘Nectars’ – a more modern approach to meads – which are light, refreshing and come in a variety of flavors. Current available styles include Traditional Mountain Honey Wine, Juniper Mountain Honey Wine, Black Raspberry Nectar (also available on draft), Nectar of the Hops (also available on draft) and Sunshine Nectar.

This artisan company is Scandinavia’s largest meadery. Recipes date back to the early 1700’s and use only 100% natural ingredients. Their Viking Blod is an artisan metheglin-style mead made with honey, hibiscus & hops. Fragrant and soft with a floral, citrus aroma and a hoppy, spicy finish. Please contact us for current offerings in addition to Viking Blod.

This modern, high-tech meadery located near Cape Town produces several styles of iQhilika, a 20,000 year-old African honey beverage. The meadery is renowned for its service to the local community through empowerment of aspiring beekeepers and job creation across the Eastern Cape. Styles include dry, coffee, chili, fig and herbal. Please contact us for current offerings.
This family run meadery is located in Austria between the valley of the Danube and the forests of Bohemia; an area known for its unusual soil composition and unique terrain. Organic practices are utilized in the upkeep of the farm, allowing the bees to produce rich, nourishing, aromatic and delicious honey. Products include Extra Dry Mead, Single Varietal Limetree Blossom Mead and Sparkling Champagne Mead. Please contact us for current offerings.