Spirits & Sake

Wasmund’s Single Malt Whisky
Combines the best of the grand tradition of single malt whisky with unique innovations for aging and flavoring. A powerfully delicious and intriguing domestic single malt whisky. 93 points ‘Exceptional’ – 2009 International Review of Spirits

Copper Fox Rye Whisky
A remarkable rye whisky made with a generous amount of smoked malt. The mash bill is 2/3 Virginia rye and 1/3 Virginia Thoroughbred hand-malted barley—kiln dried with applewood and cherrywood smoke. 83 points – Whisky Bible

Distiller’s Art Single Malt Spirit
This clear spirit is the Gold Medal award-winning Wasmund’s Single Malt Whisky bottled at barrel strength prior to aging. This spirit is hand-crafted from 100% Thoroughbred barley grown locally and developed exclusively for Copper Fox. 92 points – Whisky Bible

Distiller’s Art Rye Spirit
This clear spirit is the Wasmund’s Rye Whisky, bottled at barrel strength prior to aging. Hand-crafted from 2/3 Virginia rye and 1/3 Thoroughbred barley grown locally and developed exclusively for Copper Fox. 85.5 points – Whisky Bible

Distiller’s Art Barrel Kit
Includes a 2L charred American White Oak mini-barrel and 2 bottles of Single Malt Spirit or Rye Spirit.

Spruce Gin
Made with 14 ingredients including cucumber, angelica root, coriander, ginger, orris root, grains of paradise, tangerine and champagne yeast.
Bronze Medal – 2011 World Beverage Competition

Pink Spruce Gin
Rogue’s famous Spruce Gin aged for six-months in Oregon Pinot Noir barrels. Slightly fruity and mellow and unquestionably PINK!
Gold Medal – 2011 World Beverage Competitions

Dead Guy Whiskey
Made with the same four grains that are used to make Dead Guy Ale. Delicately sweet with a rich malt complexity and a warm peppery finish.
Gold Medal – 2011 International Review of Spirits

Oregon Single Malt Whiskey
Made with 100% ‘Grow Your Own’ malt from Chatoe Rogue’s 257 acre farm. A portion of the barley is hand-smoked using alder and maple chips. Aged in oak barrels underwater off the coast of Oregon for three months.
Gold Medal – 2011 World Beverage Competition

Hazelnut Rum
Rich toasted hazelnut flavor with orange overtones and vanilla scents mingled with cinnamon and clove. Made with 100% pure Hawaiian cane sugar, toasted Oregon hazelnuts, bitter orange peel and Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans. Silver Medal – 2011 World Beverage Competition

Dark Rum
Produced from 100% pure Hawaiian cane sugar and champagne yeast. Deep amber in color with toffee, oak, and nutmeg aromas. Medium-bodied with a nutty, spicy finish.
Gold Medal – 2010 World Beverage Competition

McKenzie Bourbon Whiskey
A very rich, double-pot distilled bourbon. A local, heirloom variety of corn makes up 70% of the mash bill. Aged in 10-gallon, new charred barrels and finished in local Chardonnay casks for a round, buttery finish.
Featured in Saveur Magazine, October 2011

McKenzie Rye Whiskey
Made from New York State grain and distilled using old-time techniques. Aged in new charred quarter casks and finished in sherry barrels from local wineries. Notes of orange peel, cardamom, mint and butterscotch. Exceptionally smooth. Winner at the 2012 Good Food Awards

Glen Thunder White Corn Whiskey
A fine-tuned, true American corn whiskey made to honor one of the world’s greatest raceways. Fresh aroma of sweet summer corn. Crisp yet smooth on the palate with toasty caramelized notes and a meaty finish. 92.5 points – Whisky Bible

Plata “El Puertecito” 2011
An unaged tequila made with agave from the highest of all the Camarena’s ranchos. Notes of olive oil, cantaloupe, fennel and lily flower on the nose. Complex palate with hints of root beer, spearmint, butterscotch and smoke.
Gold Medal – San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Reposado “Las Pomez” 2009
At 2055 meters above sea level, Las Pomez is one of the highest agave appellations. Fruit is harvested only when extremely ripe (over 9 1/2 years old). On the nose: sweet agave nectar, rich custard, cinnamon and tropical fruit. Both sweet and dry on the palate; earthy with hints of apricots, oak and nutmeg.

Anejo “Los Corrales” 2010
This remarkable Anejo is made from mature agave fruit harvested at 9 years of age. Sweet and sharp on the nose with notes of earth, cooked pumpkin, tropical fruits, pollen and pine. On the palate: black pepper, caramel and oak. Finishes clean and light

Extra Anejo “El Carrizal” 2008
Aged for 3 years in oak barrels used 6-7 times previously. Notes of salt, caramel, olive brine and molasses on the nose. Thick, rich buttery mouthfeel with red stone fruit, cacao, coffee and butterscotch. Cognac-like, with a mellow finish of French oak.

Greylock Gin
A London dry-style of gin of exceptional quality. A proprietary blend of 7 botanicals, packed into a gin head suspended over a pot still, infuses the distillate with its unique essence.
Gold Medal – San Francisco Spirits Competition
Best Value – The New York Times 2012

Ethereal Gin
A true gin-lovers gin, brimming with over 14 botanicals. Balanced, bold and sublime, Ethereal is a limited edition gin; its recipe changing with each batch.
Gold Medal – Beverage Testing Institute

Ice Glen Vodka
The finest neutral spirit is blended with the historic granite-rich spring water and then charcoal filtered to create a vodka of exceptional sipping quality.
Gold Medal – Beverage Testing Institute
90 points – Wine Enthusiast 2011

Ragged Mountain Rum
A molasses-based traditional pot still style of rum. Triple-distilled and aged in bourbon barrels for at least two years. Rich and complex with cognac-like qualities, toasty oak and vanilla undertones and a long, balanced finish.
Double Gold Medal – San Francisco Spirits Competition

Berkshire Bourbon
Produced from 72% locally-grown corn, 18% rye, 10% malted barley. Triple pot-distilled and aged in charred virgin American white oak barrels for a minimum of two years. Smooth and balanced with bright notes of spicy rye, vanilla, caramel and toasted nut. 91.5 points – Jim Murray’s Whiskey Bible

New England Corn Whiskey
Produced from 90% locally-grown corn and 10% malted barley. Aged one year over oak and cherrywood which is cut, milled, and charred by hand on the farm. Full-bodied with earthy overtones of grass and cherry fruitwood. Very complex with lingering notes of smoke and fig on the finish.

Knickerbocker Gin
Twice distilled and infused with flavors from more than a dozen herbs and spices. Generous amounts of juniper berries contribute a bright citrus and evergreen body. This vibrant, aromatic gin bursts with flavor before finishing clean and dry.

Hatter Royale Hopquila
“Hops in Spirit form.” A fermented wash of 100% barley is twice distilled, then steeped with Centennial hops for a citrus-laden character in the nose and finish. A must-try for craft beer drinkers!

Beer Barrel Bourbon
Aged in new American oak barrels for several years before a three month beer-y slumber. The beer-barrel aging lends biscuity notes and a smooth malt character to the robust whiskey tones of toffee and caramel.

Exceptionally smooth and fresh. Citric, herbal and fruity on the nose and palate. Ideal on its own or as the base for the finest Margaritas.
Gold Medal – The Fifty Best

Aged for at least 6 months in both French and American oak barrels with differing degrees of charring. Aromas of raisins, dates and walnuts. Exceptionally smooth and silky on the palate.
95 points – Wine Enthusiast

Aged for over 1 year in French and American oak. Dark golden in color, elegant and silky with a unique woody aroma and notes of vanilla, spice and cinnamon. A premium tequila for true aficionados.

2012 Silver
Fresh and fruity with fragrances reminiscent of the sweet aromas of cooked agave. Beautiful undertones of white pepper. Ideal as an apertif and to accompany foods with a spicy character.
93 points – The Tasting Panel

2012 Reposado
Aged for at least 6 months in American oak. Floral and earthy aroma with notes of vanilla, caramel, cinnamon and orange. To be enjoyed alone, on the rocks or in more sophisticated cocktails.
92 Points – Wine Enthusiast

2012 Anejo
Aged for 12-18 months in American oak. Wonderfully elegant with notes of caramel, vanilla, tobacco and pepper. Reminiscent of the finest single malt scotches.
92 Points – The Tasting Panel

Bloody Mary
By using only the finest ingredients and the original recipe, we pay homage to the most classic of all cocktails, The Bloody Mary. To top the original social scene cocktail, garnish with celery sticks, olives, slice of lemon, lime wedge, salami or even shrimp!

Ingredients such as real orange oil, lime juice and all-natural cane sugar fuse to create a tangy, not too sweet, refreshing flavor of the original authentic Margarita, first developed in 1937, in Tijuana, Mexico.

First created in Cuba, the Mojito evolved a drink known for its minty, citrusy flavor. Our faithful recreation includes mint oil, lime oil, lime juice and all-natural cane sugar to provide that freshly muddled taste. Try adding fresh strawberries or kiwi for a fruity twist.

Perfect for any “Lady’s Night”, our fusion of cranberry juice, lime juice and all-natural ingredients will make the sexiest cocktail around. For a even sexier beverage, add a splash of fresh orange juice to create The Madras or a splash of soda water for a Cosmo Spritzer.

Known for its functional properties, Ginger serves as a great sippable soft drink or as a mixer with whisky, rum or brandy. We pack a wallop of spicy, soothing, therapeutic ginger in every sip that’s satisfying and warming. Perfect for The Ginger Highball, Dark and Stormy or Moscow Mule.

When creating an all-in-one solution for home entertaining, our objectives includes “simple, crisp and refreshing”. With a touch of lemon and orange, this perfectly balanced mix is great with vodka, tequila and gin. Topped with a lemon garnish, a Pomegranate martini is sure to be a hit for any house party.

Peach Bellini
Italy’s favorite cocktail has taken America by storm. Our Bellini mixer consists of pureed white peaches and is delicious mixed with Prosecco and other sparkling favorites. Garnished with a cherry or raspberries, it’s sure to be a favorite at brunch or any upcoming celebration.

Lo-Cal Margarita
The secret behind our low-calorie Margarita mixer lies in the sweetener: Organic agave nectar and pear juice. The rest of the blend contains the same fine ingredients we have become famous for including natural lime juice, essential orange oil and lemon juice. 100% All-Natural; 20 calories virgin-style; 100 calories with alcohol

Lemon Sour
Perhaps the most versatile mixer, our Lemon Sour contains only the finest natural ingredients, perfectly blended for a wide range of cocktails including Whisky Sour, Old Fashioned and Tom Collins.

Hot Toddy
Beloved for centuries as a functional and therapeutic drink during colder months, this all-natural authentic recipe stays true to its 1751 origins. Hot Toddy is the perfect drink for cold weather and the holidays.
Tasty when drank by itself, this mixer can also be mixed with Irish Whiskey, Dark Rum or Brandy.

Simple Syrup
Simple syrup is essential in making your own scratch Margarita or Mojito…and hundreds of other cocktails.
It is THE essential ingredient for all mixologists because it makes spirits taste better and last longer.

Twenty 2 Vodka
Produced using only the “hearts”, Northern Maine water and a charcoal filtration process. No Color. No Taste. No Odor. Neutral. It’s the way vodka should be.
Double Gold Medal Winner – 2012 San Franciso World Spirits Competition

High Proof Spirit
Micro- distilled in 50 gallon batches for superior neutrality. Bottled at 160 Proof, this product is designed for creating vibrant infused vodkas and liqueurs. For an extensive list of ideas, check their website!

This pure grain vodka from Holland combines tradition and quality craftsmanship with an ultramodern artistic flair. Produced from a family with five generations of distillation expertise, Bong Vodka is distilled six times for smoothness and filtered four times for purity using a 150 year-old recipe. The New York Times called it “A burst of innovation” and the World Spirits Competition in San Francisco voted it the “Best Clean Spirit” out of 700 contenders.The distinctive bong bottles are all hand-crafted in Milan Italy, each one individually numbered and signed by the artist.

Created in Philly and distilled in Colorado, Tub Gin is an ultra-hip and modern gin made with Colorado juniper berries, citrus zest, coriander, botanicals and a bunch of other top secret ingredients. Go ahead and ask…if you dare!


Right Gin is made from corn that has been distilled five times and clean, pure water sourced from a lake in the southern part of Sweden. Traditional botanicals include juniper, coriander and cardamom in addition to Sarawak black pepper, lemon, lime, orange and bergamot. Each of the ingredients are distilled individually and perfectly blended for a clean, smooth and superior experience.

Kubler is the first authentic Swiss absinthe to be imported to the United States after nearly one-hundred years. It is produced in the birthplace of absinthe, the Val-de-Travers region of Switzerland, with history dating back to 1862. Before the ban was enforced by the Swiss government in 1910, Kubler was an award-winning absinthe at competitions throughout Europe. Kubler is made using 100% local ingredients and the recipe is the same today as it was a century ago.

Schneider’s famous Aventinus Doppelbock is distilled to create this unique product rich with aromas of banana and dark strawberry. Smooth and sweet with hints of black pepper, basil, clove and vanilla.

Uerige’s DoppelSticke Alt is distilled and then matured in Remy Martin Cognac barrels. Complex aroma of honey, oak, citrus and Asian pear with a strong herbal bitterness and a long, lingering finish. Created and designed especially for B.United International Importers and available only in the US!

The incredibly complex nature of this absinthe is achieved by macerating with herbs both before and after the distillation process. An abundance of herbs including fennel, caraway, anise and mint are detected on the aroma and palate. The long, warming finish makes this an ideal digestif.

Belgian Owl is the first Belgian whiskey ever made with barley grown in Belgium. The barley malt is distilled in century-old stills and then aged in oak casks for three years. During the maturation process, it gradually takes on its lovely amber color and develops magnificent aromas of pear, cherry, and lily. The finish hints at apples.

Hitachino Nest White Ale is distilled to an alcohol content of 30% by volume and then matured in oak barrels for one month with the addition of coriander, hops, and orange peel. At that point, more White Ale is added and the product is distilled once again to an alcohol content of 50% by volume. After the second distillation Kiuchi No Shizuku is matured in oak barrels for six months before being filtered and bottled at a final 43% ABV (86 Proof). Citrusy, spicy and herbaceous with a dry, oaky finish.

Kiuchi Brewery – Ibaraki, Japan  
Tarusake – Peppery flavors come from aging in Akita cedar barrels
Tarusake Cask – Presented in a 900ml serving cask
Kurishizuku – Fresh, lightly sparkling usu-nigori “unfiltered sake”
Asamurasake – Made from red rice; slightly sweet with berry-like aromas and flavors
Kurahibiki – Delicate flavors of melon and citrus
Kurakagami – Golden junmai daiginjo eqxpressing notes of honeydew and peaches
Gekkakow – Aged 3 years prior to bottling. Pineapple, coconut and licorice flavors
 Plum Wine – Umeshu plum wine fermented from sweet and sour unripe ume
Yuzu Wine – Wine from the very fragrant Yuzu, an ancient citrus hybrid native to Asia