flying embers

Now that Dry January is over, let’s cheers to a healthy celebration with Flying Embers Hard Kombuchas and Hard Seltzers!

Flying Embers is driven not only to provide better-for-you alcoholic beverages, but also to give back to the community and its first responders that aided in its creation. In 2017, when it was known as Fermented Sciences, the wildfires that were ravaging California threatened to destroy their home and fermentation lab in Ojai. For three days and nights they and their community fought the blaze. They realized that a single ember could have been the destruction of their dream and their lives. But Mother Nature had a different plan when the winds changed and spared their community. That single ember that could have been their demise was, in the end, their beginning.

It was from this immense experience that Flying Embers rose from the ashes as their name. Now located in Ventura, California, Flying Embers is committed to developing alcoholic beverages that celebrate the experience of life, even its most uncertain of times. They are also devoted to donating a portion of their proceeds to firefighters and first responders out of respect for their service to the community.

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All of Flying Embers’ flavors are: USDA Organic, live probiotic, 0 sugar, 0 carbs, keto friendly, gluten free, vegan, and brewed with an adaptogen root blend.

Grapefruit with a hint of Thyme

ABV: 4.5% / 85 calories

Juicy grapefruit sweetness, slightly tart with a hint of aromatic thyme.


ABV: 4.5% / 85 calories

Bright and fruity berry flavor starring a blend of elderberries, goji berries, and raspberries.

Lemon with a hint of Lavender & Mint

ABV: 4.5% / 85 calories

Citrus-forward with subtle undertones of lavender, mint, and ginger.

Pineapple Chili

ABV: 6.8% / 120 calories

Juicy pineapple with a hint of ginger and a subtle refreshing, chili finish.

Black Cherry

ABV: 7.2% / 120 calories

Fresh dark cherry flavors, finishes clean with a bright twist of lime spritz.


ABV: 7.0% / 130 calories

Earthy and familiar with a crisp, cool taste that leaves the palette clean and refreshed.


All of Flying Embers’ flavors are: USDA Organic, live probiotic, 0 sugar, 0 carbs, keto friendly, gluten free, and vegan.

Fruit & Flora

Black Cherry Rose

ABV: 5.0% / 95 calories

The natural sweetness of cherries picked straight from the tree, married with the classically romantic essence of rose.

Clementine Hibscus

ABV: 5.0% / 95 calories

The tangy pop of a freshly peeled clementine, intermingled with vibrant notes of tart hibiscus.

Passionfruit Elderflower

ABV: 5.0% / 95 calories

The exotic sweet-yet-tartness of passion fruit, fused with the dainty-yet-musky subtleties of elderflower.

Sweet & Heat

Watermelon Chili

ABV: 5.0% / 95 calories

The refreshing crispness of a chilled slice of watermelon, dusted in lime-hinted chili for a mouthwatering twist.

Guava Jalapeño

ABV: 5.0% / 95 calories

The tropical burst of pink guava juice muddled with the earthy spiciness of fresh jalapeños.

Pineapple Cayenne

ABV: 5.0% / 95 calories

The smooth melody of mouthwateringly ripe pineapple, finished with a gentle kick of cayenne.