There’s always a buzz when Schlafly releases a new product in NJ and this time is no different. In line with their seasonal favorites like Pumpkin Ale, Tasmanian IPA, and Oatmeal Stout, they have prepared a special Hop Trial SMaSH Pack for you! A 12 pack with 4 single hop, single malt combinations!

Each brew is jam packed with a different malt and hop to give you the full experience of the specific variety. In each box you will find 3 bottles each of 4 different styles. The idea is to taste the full personality of the hops without any distraction. Hops give beer its own electricity and spice! Schlafly combined each hop with a base malt and ale yeast strain to create these simple SMaSH beers. It emphasizes the bold impact hops can have on the brew and help farmers understand how their crops are being used by breweries today! These styles are also available on draft!


The hops are:

– Eureka! from the USA
– Brambling Cross from the UK
– Enigma from Australia
– Hallertau Blanc from Germany

Grab a box and use the check list on the back to discover their unique flavor profiles. Not all palates are alike!



We also have some delicious Yakima Wheat in 6 packs and 50L kegs.


Our Yakima Wheat Ale is a hoppy wheat beer brewed with American hops from the Yakima River Valley in Washington State. The blend of wheat and barley lends a touch of toffee sweetness. The hops contribute spiciness of juniper and pepper. Altogether they create a crisp, refreshing beer – with a hoppy bite.

Yakima Wheat Ale was born out of our close relationship with several hop farmers in Yakima Valley. One of these farmers grows U.S. Challenger, a hop that is traditionally grown in the UK. The hop was chosen for its connection to the UK, as well as its unique flavor and aroma.

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