Sixpoint Apollo Wheat

The latest can-tastic Sixpoint release has arrived! You may remember Apollo Wheat from a few years back when it was an American-style wheat beer, but this year it’s been reincarnated as something entirely new…a German-style Kristallweizen. Kristall-what? Well, think Hefeweizen but without the traditional hazy appearance. The yeast has been filtered out, leaving a crystal-clear wheat beer with a softer, cleaner mouthfeel. While the classic notes of banana, bubblegum and clove are just slightly more subtle than in the traditional Hefe, you’ll still get the same frothy white head that these Bavarian brews are known for. Sixpoint’s version is simply delicious….crisp, refreshing and perfect for the warm weather ahead. And at only 5.2% abv, you can surely throw back more than one or two cans in a sitting. Since there aren’t too many craft versions of Kristallweizens out there, definitely take this opportunity to educate your tastebuds and broaden your beer repertoire! Apollo Wheat is now available in 4-pack cans!

To perfect the recipe for this new brew, Sixpoint founder Shane Welsh and head brewer Jan Matysiak headed over to Bavaria earlier this year for a little research and development. Check out the trailer they put together for the new Apollo release:


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and….more Resin on the way!

Resin – 50L kegs
Harbinger Saison – 50L kegs
Spice of Life – Centennial – 50L kegs
Bengali Tiger IPA – 20L and 50L kegs
Sweet Action – 20L and 50L kegs
Righteous Rye – 20L and 50L kegs
Crisp Pilsner – 20L and 50L kegs


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