Sixpoint Global Warmer 2014

Winter is rapidly approaching and with it some delicious seasonal brews to help keep you warm and add to holiday festivities! Sixpoint’s Global Warmer is among such winter treats. This is the third brew to go in tall, slim cans, and is 7% ABV. With 70 IBUs it’s got some big hop character of citrus and herbal spice. The malt is soft and complex, with notes of biscuit and toasted caramel and the malt presence is deep enough that you’ll detect dark fruit and even mild hints of chocolate as your brew warms. This was originally brewed in 2006 as a Mad Scientist release and brought back to life in 1012, one year after hurricane Sandy flooded the brewery in coastal Red Hook. The name reflects not only the changing climate, but also the changing beer climate.



Join Sixpoint President and Founder Shane Welch in a Global Tasting event happening online, Tuesday at 6:00 pm! There will be participants around the globe sampling this year’s Global Warmer. Click here for more info on the Global Warmer 2014 Hangout Don’t miss out!


globalwarmer_angle Find 6 packs of this delicious brew in these snappy red cases! Don’t see it at your favorite store? Have them give us a call! We’ll get them the goods…



resin_angle Hey all you hop-heads out there! This deliciously-dank double IPA, aptly named Resin, is deep amber in color and overflowing with sticky pine and citrusy goodness. The skinny tall-boywas created especially for this hefty 9.1% brew that clocks in at a whopping 103 IBUs!



sensiharvest_angle You can also find some Sensi Harvest on the shelves and cold boxes. This is a copper ale bursting with fresh, undisturbed hop character. Juicy wet-hops carefully selected by the Mad Scientists make SENSI HARVEST a unique delicacy available only at harvest time.





Also new from Sixpoint to help you find your favorite brews is the Sixpoint Mobile App! Use the Beer Finder to track down your favorites from Sixpoint and check out the newest addition- Sensi Harvester! A thrown back arcade-style game right on your phone! Catch hops, win trophies, and become a Sensi Sensei. See the details HERE and download it to your device!






Other delicious Sixpoint brews in-stock now:

A beer that celebrates the extraction of hop resin for a concentrated yet balanced brew.
9.1% abv 103 IBUs!!
Available in 4-packs



Bengali Tiger IPA
The Sixpoint homebrewed IPA interpretation. Blaze orange in color, with an abundance of citrus hop bitterness, and a full pine and grapefruit bouquet in the aroma. 6.4% abv 62 IBUs
Available in 4-packs, 20L and 50L kegs


Sweet Action
The original Sixpoint style- hard to define, but perhaps that’s why people love it. Part pale ale, part wheat, part cream ale- all Sweet Action. 5.2% abv 34 IBUs
Available in 4-packs, 20L and 50L kegs


Crisp Pils
The original Sehr Crisp from Sixpoint. Brewed with noble hops for indelible sehr crisp flavor. 5.4% abv 42 IBUs
Available in 4-packs and 20L kegs

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