Slider Weekly Spotlight — 16 April 2019


Sixpoint Brewery’s signature tangy session beer is back, only this time is releasing alongside some exciting new additions to the Jammer family! Launching this April is the brand new Jammer Session Variety Pack. In each 15 pack, you will find 12 oz. cans of the original Jammer and Citrus Jammer, as well as three new flavors – Berry Jammer, Tropical Jammer, and Ruby Jammer – all at just 125 calories per can!

To add to the excitement, Sixpoint is adding both the original Jammer and Session Variety Packs to their core lineup and will now be available year-round. Citrus Jammer will also be available on it’s own in 6 packs and draft throughout the Summer.

Hit up your local retail stores this week for a Sixpoint Jammer Session 15 pack, and keep an eye out for Jammer and Citrus Jammer on tap near you!





We’re talking about the ebb and flow of tides here… ahhh, that glorious brine! Gnarly waves, shooting off mist, just tangy enough to tingle the tastebuds. JAMMER! Let ‘er rip. ABV: 4.0%


We’re talking about that Sixpoint Salty Tango with a twist—the tangy waves of JAMMER with just the right amount of lemon and lime juice. Time for some Vitamin J. ABV: 4.0%


Berry Jammer is made with a blend of real raspberry, strawberry, and cranberry juice. It balances delicate sweet flavors from strawberry and raspberry with a nice push of tartness and enhanced drinkability from the tang of cranberry. ABV: 4.0%


Tropical Jammer is the lushest of the Jammer’s, with juicy mango and pineapple giving an up-front kiss of sweetness balanced by just enough tang from the base gose. ABV: 4.0%


Ruby Jammer is amazingly refreshing—grapefruit’s bright profile complements the tang of Jammer beautifully. It might just replace your morning grapefruit. ABV: 4.0%



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