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Bong Spirits Brand Super Premium Vodka
Bong Vodka is a designer vodka envisioned by a group of contemporary artists to fuse together a new wave of progressive fashion and designer attitude with an age-old Dutch product of exceptional quality. The artisan formula has been handed down through five generations of master distillers and produced through a 150-year manual process, rich with traditional standards and superior craftsmanship.

Wasmund’s Single Malt Whisky
Tasting notes: Bright copper color. Bold aromas of new suede, saddle soap, crème brulee and toasted banana nut bread follow through on a supple, smooth entry to a dryish medium-full body with orange marmalade, dried apricot and sweet brown spices. Finishes with a very long, slowly evolving, mossy river stone, Peat, cocoa, cereal, and pepper fade. A powerfully delicious and intriguing domestic single malt whisky.

Rogue Spruce Gin
Double Gold Medal, San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2008
Rogue Spirits Spruce Gin is crafted with eleven botanicals, creating a complex, distinctive, yet utterly drinkable spirit. In addition to cucumber, angelica root, orange peel, coriander, lemon peel, ginger, orris root, grains of paradise, tangerine, and juniper berries, Rogue Spirits uses spruce to create a unique yet beautifully integrated gin.

Spotlight on: Rogue Single Malt Whiskey

Not only is Rogue an award-winning brewery, but since 2003 they’ve been capturing the spotlight for their innovative artisan spirits. They’ve been mentioned in a slew of spirits publications and have taken home awards from such prestigious competitions as the World Beverage Competition, the International Rum Festival and the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Master distiller and professional chemist, John Couchot, uses his 150 gallon copper compound pot still to produce Rogue’s unique line-up which includes Spruce Gin, Hazelnut Spice Rum, Dark Rum, White Rum, Pink Vodka, Dead Guy Whiskey and the latest Oregon Single Malt Whiskey.

This month we are highlighting the Oregon Single Malt Whiskey – a product made with 100% GYO ‘Grow Your Own’ malt from Chatoe Rogue’s 257 acre farm. This is where Rogue gets their malt for the entire lineup of Chatoe beers. Back at the brewery, the barley is malted and roasted and a portion is hand-smoked using alder and maple chips. After distilling, the whiskey is placed in oak barrels where it ages underwater off the coast of Oregon for three months!

In its first year of production, the Oregon Single Malt Whiskey has won three big awards: a Gold medal at the American Distilling Institute and the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and a Bronze Medal at the New York International Spirits Competition!

If you haven’t tried the Single Malt Whiskey or any of Rogue’s other spirits, be sure to pick some up next time you are looking for something a little more interesting! Cheers!

Spotlight On: Redstone Meadery ‘Nectar of the Hops’

Redstone Meadery founder, David Myers, knows what it takes to make good mead. His sweet, intoxicating honey beverages are made with an eclectic array of locally sourced honey, all natural ingredients and a tremendous amount of creativity. David packages his meads in beautiful cobalt blue bottles with swing-tops instead of traditional corks to avoid oxidation and promote a longer shelf life. His diverse line-up of meads includes several styles of ‘Mountain Honey Wines’ (12% still meads made in a more traditional style) and ‘Nectars’ (light and refreshing sparkling meads made with ingredients like apricots and black raspberries). Based out of Boulder, Colorado, Redstone Meads are now distributed in over 20 states nationwide.

The latest addition to his lineup, Nectar of the Hops, was just recognized by Draft Magazine as one of the “Top 25 Beers of the Year.” This mead/beer hybrid is made by taking a carbonated mead made with Clover and Wildflower honey and dry-hopping it with 22 pounds of Amarillo and Centennial hops. The addition of hops creates much complexity and also lends beautiful citrus and floral characteristics to the mead. And since it is gluten free, it is a great choice for those who like hoppy flavors but cannot indulge in a beer. This is a medium-sweet 8% abv beverage that should be served cold. If you have never tried mead, we encourage you to give some a try. We currently have several styles of Redstone Meads in-stock:

 Mountain Honey Wines:
Traditional Mountain Honey Wine – made predominately with Orange Blossom honey
Vanilla Bean & Cinnamon Sticks Honey Wine – made especially for the holiday season
Juniper Mountain Honey Wine – a staff favorite at Redstone!

Sunshine Nectar – made with the addition of apricots
Black Raspberry Nectar – Redstone’s first mead!
Nectar of the Hops – mead meets IPA!

Reserve Mead:
Boysenberry Reserve Mead – port-like and dense; only one batch made every year – great for cellaring



Fun fact: Legend has it that the word honeymoon is derived from an ancient tradition of sending a newly married couple off to seclusion for a month with much mead, to ensure their best chance to start a family quickly. Mead has been, and still is, considered the drink of love.