Slider Weekly Spotlight — 03 July 2018

As the Summer temps are rising, so are consumer preferences for pre-mixed RTD canned cocktails. Why is this trend on the rise? They are convenient, affordable, and perfect for packing in the cooler for any Summer venture!

If you’re on the quest to find your favorite RTD on the market, we highly recommend giving these 7 canned cocktail brands a try.



1. Can Can Cocktails

Can Can Cocktails is a unique start up out of Sacramento, California. Artist and Bartender, Ryan Seng, is mixing his passions of a great drink and great art into a can. Can Can Cocktails are made with innovative and natural ingredients that are sourced locally from the produce isle of the world, the Sacramento Valley, then perfectly mixed with premium spirits and a little effervesce. These are small batch cocktails, about 3000 cans per batch. Each batch is made with the same love and care that Ryan made for his guests sitting at the bar.



2. Cutwater Spirits RTDs

From the band of liquid pioneers behind Ballast Point, one of the most successful beer brands in history. Early in our brewing tenure, curiosity and creativity drew us to explore the art of distilling. The result is a diverse and award-winning family of spirits that’s become the foundation for Cutwater. Building on the tradition with our minds wide open to the unconventional, the Cutwater crew is committed to bringing quality, ingenuity and integrity to the world of spirits.


3. Half Seas Sparkling Cocktails

Half-Seas Sparkling Cocktails are bubbly canned cocktails made with premium ingredients (like real distilled spirits and pure cane sugar) and a touch of effervescence. Craft cocktail quality anytime, anywhere— but best enjoyed in the company of friends.




4. Harry Bromptons Alcoholic London Iced Tea

Harry Brompton’s London Ice Tea was created with the aim of introducing delicious British Ice Tea to the world. Harry’s range of British teas are made with only the finest ingredients… Harry only ever uses natural flavorings and his delicious ice teas are gluten free.




5. Mighty Swell Sparkling Cocktails

Mighty Swell Sparkling Cocktails were born of a desire to create a better ready-to-drink cocktail—one that uses premium ingredients and the kick of carbonation—that you can stash in your cooler as you hit the lake, pool, beach, or golf course. Austin’s laid-back yet active vibe inspired us to strike that perfect balance between being on-the-go and relaxing in the sun with an ice-cold drink in your hand. And when you’re back at home, our sparkling cocktails make a perfect base for creating your own mixed drinks.



6. Nauti Seltzer

This is a low calorie, low carb, ready to drink, new alternative in the fast growing hard soda category. Nauti Seltzer appeals to the sophisticated adult beverage consumer who is looking for refreshing alternatives but does not prefer the sugary and sweet products that are currently flooding the market. Nauti Seltzer is a ready to drink, premium malt beverage that brings together the wonderful effervescence of seltzer with natural fruit flavor. The result is refreshingly light, easy drinking hard seltzer that is always ready to go wherever your adventures take you. Dive in and get Nauti!


7. Archer Roose Canned Wine


With great ambition and an adventurous spirit, Archer Roose brings you artisan-quality wine in quite sensible packaging. So you can tickle your finer fancies while pinching a pretty penny. Millions of litres of wine are produced each year that go untasted. This isn’t a reflection of the craftsmanship of the wine, but the complexities of the wine industry. With the goal of bringing you delicious wine, we decided to seek out great producers and work with them to custom craft our wine. We want to liberate wine from the prison of hard to work corskcrews, and stuffy white tablecloths. While bottles are still the best way to age wine, the can formats means you can have wine on tap in your home or take it on an adventure. In other words? It’s wine to fit your lifestyle. Not only is the can more eco-friendly, but the it’s the perfect individual serving!


For a list of flavors available, click here. Cheers!


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