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Big things are happening over at Weyerbacher Brewery! In addition to unveiling a brand new company logo and plans for a complete package redesign, the brewery broke ground last week on an exciting expansion project that will increase their production space by over forty percent. With the beer selling like hot cakes in all of their markets (especially here in New Jersey), founder Dan Weirback had no choice but to grab his shovel and start digging! Production manager Chris Lampe states, “We simply have used up every inch of this 18,000 square foot facility and our growth would be halted by the end of this year if not for this expansion. Our business has more than tripled in size in the seven years since I’ve been here, and I just don’t see it letting up anytime soon.”

Weyerbacher’s sales increased by 34% from 2010 to 2011 and sales are already up 51% in the first two months of 2012 versus the same time last year. The brewery produced 9700 barrels in 2011 and their new space, which is expected to be completed by fall of 2012, will allow them to brew up to 30,000 barrels per year! We’re pretty excited for our friends over in Easton and just may have to get the team together to help celebrate once it’s all completed!

Hey, now back to the beer!
If you managed to get a hold of some Insanity and Riserva in the past couple of months and are looking for more of Weyerbacher’s barrel-aged goodness, you‘ll be happy to hear that Heresy is here! Old Heathen Imperial Stout aged in Kentucky Bourbon Barrels? Yes, please! If you’ve never tried it, you’re in for a real treat. The bourbon barrels transform this already complex stout into something of the highly-addictive variety. Heresy is incredibly smooth with notes of vanilla, cocoa beans, oak and whiskey. Sit back and let the layers upon layers of flavor ignite your senses. 8% abv. 100% delicious. And if you love cheese, try the Heresy with a big hunk of something sharp like Gorgonzola or aged Gouda. YUM!

What else do we have in-stock?
All of your favorite year-round beers which you’ll be happy to hear now includes TINY! Check out all the details below plus some fantastic cheese pairings provided for us by Weyerbacher rep Natalie DeChico. Other beers on the horizon include Slam Dunkel (a double dunkelweizen) and the highly-anticipated new IPA! Stay tuned with us for all the details and release dates!

Merry Monks
This Belgian-style Abbey Triple is the best-selling Weyerbacher brew in New Jersey! 9.3% abv
Available now in 6-packs, 750ml cork & cage bottles, half kegs and sixtels
*CHEESE PAIRING IDEA: Merry Monks goes great with pungent, semi-soft cheeses like St. Nectaire or Trappist cheeses

A bottle-conditioned Belgian Pale Ale brewed with American hops. Fruity and crisp! 5.9% abv
Available now in 6-packs, half kegs and sixtels
*CHEESE PAIRING IDEA: Verboten would be a great match with tangy, flakey, or goat cheese like Tomme De Savoie or Bucheron

Hops Infusion
Brewed with seven hop varieties and loads of caramel malt. Big notes of pine resin and citrus! 6.2% abv
Available now in 6-packs and sixtels
*CHEESE PAIRING IDEA: This IPA is awesome with farmhouse cheddars and sharp cheeses

Old Heathen
This Russian Imperial Stout is rich, robust and roasty with notes of espresso and chocolate. 8% abv
Available now in 6-packs and half kegs
*CHEESE PAIRING IDEA: Go for non-salty blue cheeses like English Stilton

Double Simcoe
This double IPA is packed-full of citrus and tropical fruit aromas. 9% abv
Available now in 4-packs, half kegs and sixtels, plus a 750ml cork & cage unfiltered version
*CHEESE PAIRING IDEA: Double Simcoe would be delicious with cheddars, or sharp and peppery cheeses like Spanish Mahon

Blithering Idiot
Luscious, complex and warming with notes of dates and figs. 11.1% abv
Available now in 4-packs and sixtels
*CHEESE PAIRING IDEA: The ultimate beer to enjoy in a snifter with a plate of cheese. Grab something strong like English Stilton or an aged gouda

Velvety and smooth with a big roasty character and intense chocolate notes. 11.8% abv
Available now in 750ml bottles
*CHEESE PAIRING IDEA: Try this dynamite Belgian stout with smokey, strong, and sharp cheeses


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