Who We Are

New Jersey’s Premier Beverage Distributor

Since 1996, We’ve Done Business In A Way That Builds Lasting Relationships.

What We Believe In


We hold ourselves to professionalism, common sense, and adaptability. We’re driven to be the best beverage distribution company in the world by continuously improving employee and customer satisfaction- and we won’t ever stop.


Honesty, giving back, and taking care of our people are the cornerstones of our company. These values have developed lasting relationships with our communities, customers, suppliers and employees.


We have a thirst for exceptional beverages, whether that’s a cold beer, a smooth whiskey, a crisp cider, a refreshing hard seltzer, or a fine wine, We represent great brands.

What We Do

We Create Distribution To Bring Exceptional Brands To Our Customers.

Our portfolio of beer, wine, spirits & more offers retailers one-stop shopping.

As part of the three-tier system, we partner with breweries, wineries, distilleries and other talented suppliers to grow our collective business through consultative sales, strategic marketing, and timely delivery.

We’re also a proud division of The Sheehan Family Companies, a distribution network spanning five generations since 1898. Hunterdon Brewing Company brings The Sheehan Family Companies’ strengths and years of experiences to our local markets, while staying true to our Upstate New York roots.


We partner with premium breweries, distilleries, wineries, and quality beverage makers to distribute an incredible array of products.


From storing, to delivery, and all the marketing, sales, and service in between, we ensure the beverages consumers love find their way to them.


Distributors safely deliver products to retailers ensuring consumers can find brands they love at their favorite stores, restaurants, and bars.

We’re Looking For Someone Like You

Join a team that invests in your success.
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Our Team Leaders

Jeff Rancan
General Manager
Drew Sewall
Sales Manager
Mike Sales
Accounting Manager
Kyle Masiado
Warehouse Manager
Will Saja
Delivery Manager
Christa Tolotta
Operations Manager
Braden Moore
Logistics Coordinator / Gambrinus II NJ Manager
Andrew Richard
Public Warehouse Manager
Cesar Rojas
Night Shift Manager
Meredith Kilgannon
Communications Manager
Carrie Parker
Sales Support Manager
Ryan Horner
Market Manager – Spirits and Specialty Department
Chris Mullowney
Brand Manager
Brook Berry
Brand Manager
Scott Crystal
Area Sales Manager – Central West
Pj Sievering
Area Sales Manager – Northeast
Ed Hughes
Area Sales Manager – South Jersey
Justin Lucas
Area Sales Manager – Central East
John Matura
Area Sales Manager – North West
Kristin Kaschak
Project Manager
Delaware River

Values in Action

There is nothing a group of determined people working together cannot accomplish.

– Gerald Sheehan, Chairman of the Board

Charitable Giving

We take pride in knowing our hard work allows us to giving back to the communities we serve and make a difference for future generations.


A better tomorrow starts from within. We’re committed to reducing our environmental impact through impactful sustainability practices.

Our People Policy

We’re committed to continually improve and protect the wellbeing of our employees by empowering them with the resources to thrive.