Wyndridge Crafty Variety Pack

Wyndridge Farm recently released their Crafty Variety Pack and it’s available in NJ! This is a unique assortment of both Cider AND Beer, consisting of the Crafty Cranberry Cider, Traditional Apple Cider, Crafty Hopped Cider, Laughing Crow IPA, 10 Point Ale, and Barn Dog Chocolate Imperial Vanilla Porter. Spoil yourself and loved ones this holiday season and grab this mix of deliciously crafted libations!


11 x 17 Variety Pack Wyndridge


Wyndridge Crafty Cider, Crafty Cranberry Cider, and Crafty Hopped Cider are made utilizing the local high-quality apples found in Central Pennsylvania. The farm prides itself on not adding excessive amounts of extra sweeteners and let’s the apples’ natural sugar do the work. The result is a clean and crisp Champagne-style cider, simple and refreshing. The Crafty Cranberry Cider is made with a little kick of cranberry perfectly balanced with fresh natural cranberry juice. Crafty Hopped Cider is a unique variation adding a crisp hoppiness that lends itself well to the style of the cider.



Laughing Crow IPA – This IPA is a more intelligent India Pale Ale. Laughing Crow is brewed with a generous amount of quality hops that brings balance to the sweet malts contained inside. The result is a harmony of floral hops mixed with caramel-tinged malty goodness. This IPA will make you crow just a little bit louder.







10 Point Ale- From Wyndridge Farm comes a big, farm-crafted ALE. 10 Point is a golden-blonde ALE with a trophy-sized, creamy-white head. This beer is beautifully balanced with hoppy floral and resinous notes that create a rich, flavorful, yet drinkable ALE. Packed with gusto, yet surprisingly approachable, Wyndridge Farm’s 10 Point ALE is the beer you’ve been hunting for.







Barn Dog Chocoalte Vanilla Imperial Porter – Come and get it, old sport! Wyndridge Farm Brewing brings you Barn Dog, a farm-crafted chocolate vanilla imperial porter. Barn Dog is a good-natured, hard-working porter for a refined palate. Crafted with Madagascar vanilla beans and Ghana cacao nibs, Barn Dog is a rich, dark smooth, and exceptionally delicious brew. One sip and this porter will have you drooling and wagging your tail.

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