Wyndridge Farms Crafty Cider

We’re happy to announce the launch of Wyndridge Farm in New Jersey! This rustic and beautiful farm is located in the rolling hills of South Central Pennsylvania surrounded by acres of green fields and orchards. The iconic mark of Wyndridge Farm is the scarf-wearing fox; a sly animal always out for a little “fun”. This crafty character captures the spirit of the farm.



To start, we’re releasing Wyndridge Crafty Cider and Crafty Cranberry Cider, both are made utilizing the local high-quality apples found in Central Pennsylvania. The farm prides itself on not adding excessive amounts of extra sweeteners and let’s the apples’ natural sugar do the work. The result is a clean and crisp Champagne-style cider, simple and refreshing. The Crafty Cranberry Cider is made with a little kick of cranberry perfectly balanced with fresh natural cranberry juice.



Did we mention they brew beer too? This place does it all! American, farm-brewed beer is made on-site from the best ingredients.

Laughing Crow IPA – This IPA is a more intelligent India Pale Ale. Laughing Crow is brewed with a generous amount of quality hops that brings balance to the sweet malts contained inside. The result is a harmony of floral hops mixed with caramel-tinged malty goodness. This IPA will make you crow just a little bit louder.

10 Point Ale- From Wyndridge Farm comes a big, farm-crafted ALE. 10 Point is a golden-blonde ALE with a trophy-sized, creamy-white head. This beer is beautifully balanced with hoppy floral and resinous notes that create a rich, flavorful, yet drinkable ALE. Packed with gusto, yet surprisingly approachable, Wyndridge Farm’s 10 Point ALE is the beer you’ve been hunting for.


Take the time to visit Wyndridge Farm, you will be thoroughly pleased not only by the crafty beer and ciders, but by the tasting room brewery tour. The chefs celebrate the bounty of the land and present that to you in a wide variety of dishes from brick-oven pizzas to slow cooked ribs, baked seafood mac and cheese to daily featured desserts. Check out the Menu here. The farm is also the perfect setting for a variety of events, take a peek at their website for more information and photos of the beautiful events they have hosted.



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