Yards General Washington’s Tavern Porter

As the weather starts to cool and the leaves begin to show their vibrant fall colors,
you can rest assured that the season for rich, roasty porters is upon us. This week we are excited to have one of our favorite renditions of this classic brew back in stock: Yards General Washington’s Tavern Porter, brewed just over the river in Philadelphia, PA!

A tribute to George Washington, avid beer enthusiast and home brewer, this tavern porter incorporates the use of dark malts and molasses to produces a sweet, roasty brew with rich notes of chocolate and coffee. The recipe was based off an original recipe that GW used when brewing his own beer over 200 years ago. Check it out below…..

To Make Small Beer: Take a large siffer full of bran hops to your taste-boil these 3 hours. Then strain our 30 gall[o]n into a cooler put in 3 gall[o]n molasses while the beer is scalding hot or rather draw the molasses into the cooler. Strain the beer on it while boiling hot, let this stand till it is little more than blood warm. Then put in a quart of ye[a]st if the weather is very cold cover it over with a blank[et] let it work in the cask-Leave the bung open till it is almost done working-Bottle it that day week it was brewed.” (Note: Following this recipe exactly will result in a beer with an alcohol content of about 11 percent — making it at least twice as potent as most of today’s commercially brewed domestic beers. Recipe courtesy Precious Book Department, New York Public Library. Spelling and punctuation have been left in their original form.)

Full-bodied and extremely smooth, GW Tavern Porter is the perfect brew for a rainy, blustery fall day and makes a delicious pairing with pot roasts, braised beef, French Onion soup and caramelized fall vegetables. And with all that molasses, try some with a big slice of pecan pie!

General Washington’s Tavern Porter is NOW AVAILABLE in 6-packs, 1/2 and 1/6 kegs!
You can also find GW in the Ales of the Revolution Variety Pack along with two other tribute beers, Thomas Jefferson’s Tavern Ale and Poor Richard’s Tavern Spruce Ale!

Upcoming Yards Events in New Jersey:

Wednesday, October 9th
Pynk and the Revolution Party at LITM – Jersey City – 7pm
Wear pink and keep the Pynk pint glass. Other styles on tap plus a pin of GW Porter!

Thursday, October 10th
Yards Tasting at Buy Rite Jersey City – 5-7pm
Come sample their Pynk tart berry ale and more!

Monday, October 14th
Yards Beer Dinner at The Inn of the Hawke – Lambertville – 7pm
5 Yards brews featured including Pynk and Cicada!

Wednesday, October 23rd
Yards Beer Dinner at Rocky Hill Inn – Rocky Hill – 6pm
GW Porter, Pynk, TJ’s Tavern and more!

Check out our EVENT PAGE for all the details!

Other Yards brews available now:

A tart berry ale brewed with over 3,000 pounds of fresh raspberries and both sour and sweet cherries. The addition of fruit prior to fermentation makes this crisp, clean ale tart rather than sweet. It’s pink in color of course, light-bodied, and refreshing with delicate, delectable berry aromas. 5.5% abv. Yards is donating $1 from each case sold to the Tyanna Foundation – an organization that supports breast cancer research and education.
Available in 6-packs and 1/2 kegs

A hoppy indigenous ale, Cicada is brewed with local wildflower honey, a classic Belgian yeast strain and a hop variety that hasn’t even been named yet! A strong malt backbone and intense earthy and citrus notes make this amber-colored ale a buzz-worthy brew. 8.5% abv – Available in 750ml bottles, 1/2 and 1/6 kegs

Grand Cru
Crafted with pilsner malt imported from Belgium and a classic brewing yeast from the same iconic brewing nation. The fine, subtle malt profile balances well with the fruity esters produced by this distinctive yeast. A blend of noble hops adds just a touch of hop aroma, which nicely rounds out this deep-golden, slightly tart, effervescent delight. 9.9% abv – Available in 750ml bottles

Cape of Good Hope
Cape of Good Hope Expedition 2013 is crafted with 100% pilsner malt to give it a brilliant golden color and subtle malt profile. Brewed with Columbus in the kettle, Centennial in the whirlpool, and finished with heavy doses of El Dorado, Calypso, and Galaxy in the fermenter to create a crisp, West Coast style double IPA with intense tropical flavors and aromas. 9.0% abv
Available in 1/2 kegs

Philly Pale Ale
The perfect all-day pale ale. Tons of citrus on the nose and palate with a snappy, hop character. 4.6% abv
Available in 6-packs, 1/2 and 1/6 kegs


India Pale Ale
A well-balanced IPA with just the right amount of malty sweetness and bitter hops to keep you coming back for more. 7% abv
Available in 6-packs, 1/2 and 1/6 kegs


Sweet caramel malts dominate this English-style session ale. Terrific with spicy cuisine! 4.2% abv
Available in 6-packs, 1/2 and 1/6 kegs


Extra Special Ale
A classic English bitter with a good malty backbone and a spicy hop finish. 6% abv
A 2012 Great American Beer Festival Bronze Medal Winner!
Available in 6-packs, 1/2 and 1/6 kegs


Thomas Jefferson’s Tavern Ale
An English-style strong ale with notes of dried fruit and toffee. 8% abv
Available in 6-packs, 1/2 and 1/6 kegs


Love Stout
Dark and silky with rich flavors of chocolate. Brewed with oysters for a smooth mouthfeel. 5.5% abv
Available in 1/2 kegs – nitro


Variety Packs
Yards Signature Brews
All your favorite Yards brews in one fancy box – 3 each of Philly Pale, IPA, Brawler and ESA!
Ales of the Revolution
Grab a taste of history with one of these sampler packs – 4 each of GW Porter, TJ Tavern Ale and Poor Richard’s Spruce Ale!


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