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A popular style of beer in England in the early 1700’s, porter is believed to have been created when brewers accidentally mixed three styles of ales together as one. It was appropriately named “Entire” – as in “entire” blend. The beer eventually became known as “porter” due to its thriving popularity among the working class porters throughout England. As British royalty developed a liking to this dark brew, barrels of porter began making their way across the Atlantic to America where it became a staple of our founding fathers’ diets. George Washington, an avid beer enthusiast and home brewer, grew especially fond of porter and took great pride in serving it to his troops at the end of a long day.

As the Revolutionary War broke out and all trade with England ceased to exist, brewing beer became less of a hobby and more of a matter of necessity. Philadelphia, a city so rich in American history, was the home of many of Washington’s favorite watering holes. It was also the home of Robert Hair’s Brewery where it is believed that Washington’s Philadelphia porter was first created.

Located just a few blocks from this historic site, is Yards Brewing Company, one of Philadelphia’s finest craft brewers. Embracing the city’s history, Yards and City Tavern (a revolutionary war landmark) joined forces in 2003 to honor our founding fathers in a line of beers called the Ales of the Revolution. This series includes the Poor Richard’s Tavern Spruce Ale – a tribute to Ben Franklin, the Thomas Jefferson Tavern Ale and General Washington Tavern Porter.

Yards’ used the historic recipes of our founding fathers’ as an inspiration for all of their Ales of the Revolution, including the GW Tavern porter. The use of dark malts and molasses produces a sweet, roasty character with rich notes of chocolate and coffee. Full-bodied, smooth and warming, GW Tavern Porter is perfect on its own but even more delicious when paired with something savory like French Onion soup or caramelized fall vegetables. And with Thanksgiving right around the corner, grab a six-pack or two and enjoy some with your Pecan Pie!

General Washington’s Tavern Porter is NOW AVAILABLE in 6-packs, 1/2 and 1/6 kegs!

Here’s a look at one of George Washington’s original beer recipes on file at the New York Public Library:

To Make Small Beer: Take a large siffer full of bran hops to your taste-boil these 3 hours. Then strain our 30 gall[o]n into a cooler put in 3 gall[o]n molasses while the beer is scalding hot or rather draw the molasses into the cooler. Strain the beer on it while boiling hot, let this stand till it is little more than blood warm. Then put in a quart of ye[a]st if the weather is very cold cover it over with a blank[et] let it work in the cask-Leave the bung open till it is almost done working-Bottle it that day week it was brewed.” (Note: Following this recipe exactly will result in a beer with an alcohol content of about 11 percent — making it at least twice as potent as most of today’s commercially brewed domestic beers. Recipe courtesy Precious Book Department, New York Public Library. Spelling and punctuation have been left in their original form.)


Upcoming Yards Events in New Jersey:

Thursday, November 15th
Ales of the Revolution Event – Three Wise Monks – Garfield, NJ – 5pm
All three Ales of the Revolution on tap plus a mystery firkin!

Monday, November 19th
In-store tasting – Gary’s Wine & Marketplace – Wayne, NJ – 5-7pm
Come get some free samples and stock up on Yards brews for Turkey Day!

Wednesday, November 21st
Yards Pizza Party – Mariachi’s Restaurant – Absecon, NJ – 7-9pm
Come grab a slice and a pint with rep Ron Johnson!

Saturday, November 24th
In-store tasting – Joe Canal’s Liquor Outlet – Egg Harbor Township, NJ – 12-2pm
Post Turkey Day sampling of Brawler, Philly Pale, TJ Tavern Ale and GW Porter!

Check out our EVENT PAGE for all the details!

Other Yards brews available now:

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India Pale Ale
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Extra Special Ale
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A 2012 Great American Beer Festival Bronze Medal Winner!
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Thomas Jefferson’s Tavern Ale
An English-style strong ale with notes of dried fruit and toffee. 8% abv
Available in 6-packs, 1/2 and 1/6 kegs


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Available in 1/2 kegs – nitro


Variety Packs
Yards Signature Brews
All your favorite Yards brews in one fancy box – 3 each of Philly Pale, IPA, Brawler and ESA!
Ales of the Revolution
Grab a taste of history with one of these sampler packs – 4 each of GW Porter, TJ Tavern Ale and Poor Richard’s Spruce Ale!


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